Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I ran.

There's an I ran/Iran joke to make here, but it's probably tacky so I'll skip it. But I did think about it, so the tackiness is already out there in the world. Whatever.

Yes, I ran. Well, "ran." Let's review about my activities for the last 7 months.

December: taper off running after my marathon in early December. Eventually quit completely late in the month.

January: walking and some other cardio workouts.

February-July: strictly walking/hiking. Sometimes I'd up the pace if I was feeling energetic, but mostly it was a leisurely 45ish minutes on the treadmill or half hour with Kiwi.

July 14, a day that will go down in infamy (also, Bastille Day, hooray France!), I interspersed tiny running intervals in my walking. It went down like this: I wanted to do an hour (Nick's out of town and I need to kill time somehow), so I figured 4ish miles was a good goal. Because I'll die of boredom if I just meander on the treadmill at an even speed for 60 minutes, I split it up into 0.4 mile segments. Each "interval" was 0.3 walking/0.1 walking faster. Since I had 10 of them to cover the 4 miles total, I decided to up each "fast" interval by an extra 0.1 mph each time, so my speeds were 4.0/4.1 then 4.0/4.2, 4.0/4.3 etc. At about 4.4, I realized I couldn't keep this up by walking. I needed to run. Cue the danger music.

It's a sloth, it's cute. That's all I know.

So I started running. Granted, it was for about 80 seconds at a time, and my max speed was 5 mph (a whopping 12 minute mile) but STILL. It was a little something. I didn't struggle too much through the intervals, but it was definitely a challenge. 

I don't plan on jumping back into running in any meaningful way for a while, but it's nice to know I have the ability. My legs are still actually capable of moving quickly. Now if only I could walk up the stairs at work without being unbelievably winded.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poison Eye-vy

It's a pun because I got poison ivy on my eye. Eye-vy. I'm clever.

Puffy eye. Shiny face. Happy me.

My eyes don't normally have super puffy bags under them, so this single puffy eye situation makes me look like I got punched. Very attractive. We did a lot of yardwork this weekend and I must have touched my eye with my contaminated hand, or possibly taken my shirt off at an angle or something, but here I am with a swollen eye. Also, I have it on my arms and legs and a small spot on my hip. Of course.

And here's a video of Nick trying to get dear Kiwi to swim. We have taken her to the beach a few times and the most she'll do is stand at the edge and drink the water. She won't chase a stick or toy into the water. She won't go after other dogs or people in the water. Nick thought that maybe if he was in there, she'd want to go in too. No. So he took her in and she did the cute auto-paddle thing that dogs do, but she was clearly not happy. Back to the shore she went. We're sad she's not a water dog, but she's awesome in every other way. We'll just have to deal with not swimming with her.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Firefly Music Festival 2014- The festival (and the food!)

The festival started on Thursday. We had already set up our campsite and hung out for a couple of hours, so we were itching to get in and see music. Well, so was everyone else. First, we needed to find our way to the entrance which was quite a long walk. Then we waited in line for over 90 minutes. While in line, we were packed in super close to other people (fine, it's a festival, it's going to happen) but they were all smoking various types of smokable things so air quality was not at its best. And then a guy was so drunk he couldn't stand, and medics needed to get in to help him out, which was an ordeal when you've got thousands of people crowded in and refusing to give up any space. When we finally got to head toward the entrance, there was much rejoicing, but I was grouchy, my feet hurt, and I didn't feel great so I just grumbled at all the happy people. We were so worried about the horrible wait for the next day, but it was just a Thursday problem because everyone wanted to get in at the exact same time. Our wait the following days was probably 30-45 minutes, tops.

So many people....

Another waiting in line picture. Waldo was a good sport about being photographed.

Finally inside and RELAXING. The grass only looked like this one day. It was dead the next day.

The Dogfish Beer tent. Air conditioned and lots of beer selection. They were icy cold and great.

The signs were SO entertaining.

The lighting in some areas was done beautifully. Also, yes, I slept in public a lot.

Friday was pretty much perfect- the weather was awesome and the crowds were manageable. We noticed that the dustiness at our campsite had spread to the festival. It was getting hazy everywhere we walked. Not fun. Saturday was the worst. The crowds were larger and the dust was horrible. They had sprayed down the dusty areas but they dried out quickly. It sucked- dust in our eyes and our noses. Unpleasant. I was hoping for rain every day, but we only got light drizzle one day.

Word to the wise: don't wear sandals. Just don't do it. Your feet will be disgusting, you'll probably get stepped on, and your feet will hurt. After Thursday, which was only a half day, I couldn't imagine wearing flip flops a second day and just owned my terrible fashion sense and wore sneakers with my summer dresses.

The food was surprisingly good! The general atmosphere is kinda hippie-ish so in addition to normal hamburgers and barbecue selections, they had a falafel cart, Mexican, Asian-fusion, and much more. I had the falafel one day and it was amazing. Another day the only thing that sounded good was "Brazilian Grilled Cheese" which was a rip off. It was just grilled cheese. I still ate it, of course, and it was delicious because grilled cheese is always good, but it was silly to claim it was Brazilian. The "Brazilian" place also had acai bowls and smoothies and such, but I guess they needed to cater to a wider audience so they invented Brazilian grilled cheese. It worked. Nick had a few different things and he was pleased by all of them. Cheese fries were had. Life was good (of course I just typed "life was food" which... yes, yes it is)

Most important: there was ice cream. When it was hot and I was grouchy and didn't feel like real food, there were ice cream bar vendors (Ben and Jerry's!) as well as ice cream cups. And they had a lot of selection.

Our perfect backpack to take in each day: sunscreen (not the spray kind!), empty water bottle, hat(s), blanket (like this one- having the waterproof side is clutch), bandana to limit dust inhalation. They didn't check bags very well, but I did hear some people complaining about their sunscreen and snacks being confiscated, so it does happen. Don't try to bring in forbidden stuff unless you're willing to part with it.