Thursday, December 11, 2014

Running and Braxton Hicks

First, some images from our recent 5K. My dad ran with me again which was awesome. This one was far harder than the last one we did at the beginning of November. I'm carrying another 5ish lbs. in the middle of my body, so no wonder running is getting hard. I finished ahead of my last time though, in a smoking 26:35. Many thanks to my dad for keeping me going when I really, really wanted a walk break. 

If it looks like my dad is dragging me to finish, it's because he is.
If I flap my arms enough, maybe I'll fly. Also, so much slouching.

Something I didn't mention last week in my pregnant running post was contractions. At that point, I hadn't felt any, or at least I didn't think I had. I probably had been feeling them for a while but I hadn't given them much thought. Now that my belly is getting huger, I've started noticing painless tightening, known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Per the ever wise Wikipedia, BH are tightening of uterine muscles and are thought to aid the body in preparing for labor. I've been having these off and on, and I've noticed they seem to be associated with running. Mine aren't painful or even uncomfortable. A full bladder and a lot of activity are two things commonly associated with BH, and that is definitely true for me. From a totally scientific poll of the internet, running seems to exacerbate them for others as well.

The consensus is that BH are a normal part of pregnancy (hence why they have a name). Mine go away immediately after I stop running, although if I slow to a speedy walk, it takes a lot longer. I'm staying very well hydrated. I'll bring this up to my midwives again at my next appointment. I mentioned I was having BH last time and they were not worried. I was bragging about them YAY MY UTERUS TOTALLY WORKS AND IT'S GONNA GET THIS BABY OUT SOMEDAY and they were not impressed. Oh well. Until then, I'll keep listening to my body, slowing down and enjoying the days when running is enjoyable. 

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