Monday, December 1, 2014

Alexandria Turkey Trot Recap

I apparently only blogged about this race last year, but I've participated in it 5 out of the last 6 years. I did a different trot in 2010 so my streak isn't perfect. Boo. My paces for previous years are: 2009- 11:28, 2011- 10:12, 2012- 8:37, 2013- 8:18.

Last year, I ran this race just before my big (second) marathon of the year. This year, I ran it as my second run of the week. Times have changed. This year, it was also much warmer than last year and there was another fun addition (aside from my extra tummy girth)- my dad joined us! Yay!

Sorry, Dad, this is the picture I chose. So glad I come from a family of models.

My dad's a really good cyclist who also runs when his plantar fasciitis isn't bothering him. He was a very good sport to join us this year even though the drive is pretty long for him (45 minutes to our house, then another 45 minutes to the race). I ate a banana, 2 eggs, and Kashi cereal before the race because I figured the long-ish drive would give me plenty of time to digest. That was partially true, but I was still a little uncomfortably full while running. 

I've mentioned in the past that this race is a pain for parking because you have to park on surface streets and you're never super close to the race start. We parked with an ok amount of buffer before the race start, but then things fell apart. It's always good to have a concrete plan for your group before you all go off in different directions. Lesson learned: Nick, my dad, and I all have different priorities for pre-race to-dos Mine: pee. Pee again. Drop off my sweatshirt so I don't have to carry it all race. Then, pee once more. Nick's: Stay warm. Drop off coffee cup at car so he doesn't have to carry it all race. My dad's: Pee. 

We lost each other when we split up to get our bibs. My dad went to find bathrooms, I went off to find my dad, and Nick looked for both of us. This was all happening about 20 minutes before the start of the race. After many, many curse words and much fretting, I finally decided to go back to the car. This was about a half mile away, so I needed to jog to get there and back in time. Waddly pregnant woman running at her top speed (10 minute miles!) + loudly cussing = a really, really attractive sight. Luckily, I found Nick at the car, ran back to the start as quickly as possible, used the (more convenient) volunteer bathrooms (sorry, volunteers... it was that or {seriously, not kidding even a little} squatting on someone's lawn) and Nick was able to somehow find my dad in the crowd of 5000. He was wearing a yellow jacket, which definitely helped. 

The race itself went well. I was already a little tired from my 1 mile warm up, plus there's always a million people to dodge at the beginning of the race, so things did not get off to a speedy start. I think the first couple miles were slightly over 10 minutes per mile. My overall goal was to finish under 50 minutes (10 minutes/mile) so I knew we needed to pick it up a bit in the second half in order to accomplish that. We did, for a finish time of 49:32- 9:55 pace. I was very pleased, but very tired. 5 miles is the upper limit for distance for me lately. Post-race goodies included granola bars and Larabars. It's a Thanksgiving tradition.

I posted this photo on Facebook after the race and got a lot of "Congratulations!" not realizing I hadn't previously mentioned my pregnancy on there. Oops. Better late than never? Also, hellooooo belly. 

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