Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 accomplishments

1. Got knocked up

It didn't come easily, but we did it! A sub-accomplishment of this is "gestated fetus for 7+ months." Baby C is due in a mere 53 days (!!??!?!??!)

2. Discovered honey in Greek yogurt is delicious.

I know I'm so far behind the times on this, but I can't get over how awesome it is to adjust the amount of sweetness in your yogurt instead of being slave to the disgusting fruit on the bottom masters. Down with weirdly flavored, weirdly colored yogurt!

3. Embraced walking as exercise.

Walking is awesome. If it's cold enough outside or in the basement (where the treadmill is), I don't always sweat enough to warrant a shower. Plus, I don't have to worry nearly a much about running-related issues, like chafing or stomach upset. Walking does take for-ev-er, but that just means I'm getting to watch more trashy TV. And I get to tell myself that what I'm really doing is heart-rate zone training to build a nice cardiovascular base for when I eventually return to running. Yeah... that's what I'm doing.

4. Didn't run a marathon

For the first time in 4 years, I did not run a marathon. Or a half marathon. I took almost half the year off running in order to get pregnant and have been keeping my distances short in the months since the fetus took up residence in me. I have kept up some modicum of running fitness during pregnancy but I'm currently barely in 5K shape (and I'm running a 5K tomorrow... yikes). I obviously want this to change in a few months, but for right now, I'm just where I need to be.

5. Did grown-up things.

We got our back yard landscaped (thanks, parents, for that birthday present!). We had the majority of the house painted. Carpets cleaned. Fixed lots of little things around the house. Since I've been a renter all my life, it's been a hard adjustment to actual caring for a house. Nick's much better at it, and he's rubbing off on me. It's good.

6. Did crazy amazing hikes....

...while pregnant! Our long weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park and our incredible trip to Italy had me doing hikes that were far outside my comfort zone. Doing those hikes allowed us to see some incredibly gorgeous parts of the world. We're so fortunate to have had those opportunities, and also fortunate that my pregnancy has been drama-free enough to allow us to do those trips at 8 and 16 weeks along.

7. Got a dog.

If I hadn't gotten pregnant this year, Kiwi would be at the top of the list. She's just the best dog ever.
Nonchalant dog does not care about how awesome she is.
Best ears ever.
Little tiny puppy face and tiny puppy paws. I die.

This year gets an A+. Mostly for the honey in yogurt discovery. Obviously. 

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  1. That baby will have to something special to knock Kiwi off of the Best XXX ever!