Monday, November 24, 2014

Second Trimester Summary

I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and at the tail end of my second trimester. Yikes. Also, hooray! The little bundle of flailing limbs in side of me is about 2.25 lbs and over 15 inches long. That's pretty hefty. The second trimester is supposedly the sweet spot of pregnancy, and that has definitely been true for me. We went on our epic trip to Italy this trimester, I ran a 5K and am doing a 5 mile race later this week. We went on many hikes and shopping trips to indulge my sudden need to nest and have my house look like Ikea. Those Swedes know how to organize.

Belly progression, a.k.a. That time I grew out a pixie cut for the whole internet to see:
8 weeks (first "belly" picture- this is just IVF bloat/OHSS. Only shirtless picture. You're welcome)

14 weeks 

21 weeks (the boobs really came into their own around this point, and people started telling me I'd "popped")

 27 weeks
27 weeks. A little more protruding happened in the last 6 weeks, right?

Front view 8 weeks and now. Not too much wider in the belly, but I'm pretty sure my face has gained 10 lbs. Also, I miss my short hair so much. 

Hair and nails- Still going strong, literally, despite my actual haircut being terrible.

Energy levels- For the most part, I feel wonderful! I can move around most of the day without pain or discomfort. Running is still going fine (slower, but fine).

Skin- Still "glowy" and pleasant overall.

Baby kicks/punches- Having this little person moving around inside me is THE COOLEST THING. I love weird little squirms. I wear a badge at work that rests on my belly and the movements have recently started moving my badge around. I love it.

Special treatment- my coworkers have started offering me chairs all the time. The other day, my excuse for being late to a meeting was "sorry, had to pee!" (this elicited knowing smiles and chuckles. Also, it was a lie. I'm just bad at time management). On one hand, being pregnant isn't a disability and I feel great. On the other hand, sitting down is awesome.

Gradually slowing down- Despite my decent energy levels, I am starting to drag a bit. I have the strong desire to get stuff done around the house, which has always been the case, but now I am most definitely ok with not doing stuff. I can veg out on the couch, no problem. I wish my energy matched my motivation all the time, but I know I need rest, too. I'll take the energy bursts when I can get them.

"How are you feeling?"- I like to answer this one with "I'm fine! Work is busy!" and watch people try and figure out how to ask me directly about how pregnancy is going. I truly understand that people are worried about my well-being, and I appreciate it, but good lord, I am more than just a baby vessel.

Awful labor or pregnancy stories- this usually comes up when I mention that we're planning a homebirth, but sometimes people just tell me anyway. I know my belly is about to get huge, and I'll be uncomfortable. Please don't share how your ankles swelled so badly you couldn't put on your normal jeans. And please, please, keep your labor horror stories and how you "would have died" if you hadn't had your baby in the hospital. I'm sorry it was so scary, I'm glad you and your child are ok. I understand the risks.

Heartburn- Still there, most of the time. Nothing helps. The midwives are holding out the "big guns" of Zantac for third tri when it supposedly gets worse.

Poor sleep quality- I hear it'll only get worse from here. Between needing to pee, having crazy dreams, and needing to wake up to heave my body from one side to the other, I don't sleep in good solid stretches anymore. It causes a feeling of general bleh-ness until the end of the week when I can finally sleep in!

Lower back ache- As I have been told by many coworkers and strangers, I am indeed carrying low (hooray for being tall-ish!). The little one definitely settled into my pelvis. The plus side is that my breathing is unimpeded and my ribs are avoiding kicks so far. The minus side is having the weight hanging so low on my body has given me a mild back ache every day for weeks, and a monster backache on days when I spend too much time on my feet. I'm trying to alleviate this with pelvic rocks and trying to have good posture.

I know I have more dislikes than likes listed, but that's just because I'm a complainer by nature. I adore being pregnant- I have been so, so lucky to have had an easy time with pregnancy. I love feeling the baby move and knowing that I'm nurturing a little life that'll someday learn to read, ride a bike, do a science fair project, vote (!!!!) and maybe be a parent him/herself. That blows my mind. With 90ish days left in this pregnancy, the end result is starting to hit me and I'm a little overwhelmed and incredibly excited. I can't wait to be a parent with Nick!

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