Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pregnancy update: 20 weeks!

Halfway there!

Nails (and eyelashes!)- dear god, my nails are gorgeous right now. During our entire Italy trip, I had to file a nail once or twice after it got jammed on a rock. Don't try and tell me that prenatal vitamins magically made your nails and hair phenomenal, I don't believe it. I've been taking those things for at least 2 years now, and my nails only really changed when I got knocked up. My eyelashes are also longer and lusher than usual. So weird.
They're even longer now. I have to CUT MY NAILS, guys. This has never happened in my life

Hair- Lush. Shiny. Surprisingly well-behaved.

Skin- I know some women get acne from hell during pregnancy, but I coated my face in sunscreen multiple times a day during our trip, did a mediocre washing job each night, and somehow came away with just a smattering of new freckles and no zits. I have been very lucky to actually get that "pregnancy glow" (or so I like to tell myself).

Boobs- when I was fit skinny scrawny not pregnant, my boobs were not a thing. They were teeny and I could go braless if need be. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with their new enormous size. I love that I feel womanly for once, but I hate that I have to think super hard about my clothing choices for work so I don't look like a hooker. Also, food gets caught on them regularly. And sometimes I run into things with them. That's a bit embarrassing. But overall, they are glorious and I love them.

Do not love
Bloat- I am bloated and bigger than normal. I can still wear some of my more forgiving normal pants and shirts and I just look thick and puffy. I know at some point I'll be huge, but right now I mostly just look lumpy. Boo.

This dress accentuates what little I have going on. Not pictured: my boobs trying to escape the top of the dress. Pictured: stupid pixie cut awkwardly growing out.

Preoccupation with all things baby-related- My brain no longer has enough room to think about things that aren't baby-related. When we drive, I take all road names/town names/business names and put them in front of our last name. I also check out other peoples' strollers and baby carriers. And their babies. I might also ogle pregnant women.

Heartburn- I look at a glass of orange juice and start feeling bile in my throat. Since I'm on iron supplements, the timing of Tums ingestion is nearly impossible, because calcium prevents the absorption of iron. So I have to play a weird game where I figure out how many hours before I need to eat/take iron and then determine if there's enough time for me to take Tums and not screw up my iron uptake. Life is hard.

Peeing all the time- this has been a bit better the last 8 weeks or so, but I still pee at least every 2 hours. I also drink a ton of water, so that contributes (I'm SO thirsty!). I'm just tired of walking to the bathroom all the time. It gets old.

Overall, I am excited, happy, scared, and overwhelmed by pregnancy and I am so thankful I'm able to experience this. Even if it's not all positive, I am trying to savor every moment. Since getting over the first trimester miscarriage concerns, getting some good genetic screening results, and having a perfect anatomy scan , I am able to look to the future and imagine what life will be like with this baby outside.
Baby C, fist bumpin' in the womb. 

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