Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pregnancy body image

Pregnancy. That magical time when you get to wear stretchy pants and flowy tops and eat everything and no one cares because you're growing a human.

Except I care. Because it's my body. I have written about my food and body issues for a while now, and I know from reading other blogs and pregnancy articles and books that the changes your body undergoes are not easy, but for some reason I thought that the wonder of pregnancy would overshadow any sadness or discomfort I had... it does, sometimes, but other times I just look at my ever-expanding thighs and get bummed. Telling myself it's all for a good cause helps. Telling myself it's temporary helps. But having the mindset of "I can fix this later" is taking away from the joy of finally being able to eat NOW.

So I'm trying to enjoy myself while trying to also keep my self-esteem from tanking.

What's helped:
- Working out
- Dessert every day. But keep it to once a day.
- Maternity clothes. Those stretchy waistbands warm my heart.
- Days when I feel like a larger version of myself, but overall feel pretty normal and great.
- Baby kicks! Knowing that this little person is thriving inside me is the BEST.

What hasn't helped:
- That some of my maternity jeans (with the low waistband) have already started to buckle under the weight/girth of my belly
- Comments from people that I "must be due sooner than that! I remember wondering if you were pregnant in February" (when I gained all the weight). Shut yo faces.
- Tired/lazy days that I have to force myself to get up from my desk/couch/the floor

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