Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pregnancy nutrition

Subtitle: I eat what I want.

Warning-digestion talk ahead. Turn back now.

Between the egg retrieval for IVF (which was also conception day, aww) and 10 weeks + 1 day later (yes, I kept track because it was AWFUL) I was taking some sort of medication at least once a week to help my digestion along. I had heard that egg retrieval plus anesthesia equals slow digestion but no one told me it would last for 10 weeks. I was miserable. I already eat so much fiber, and that was everyone's first suggestion, so I resorted to other fun things, like prunes, Metamucil, and over the counter meds. The day I stopped progesterone supplements, everything went back to normal. It was magical. Since then, I've had good and bad days, but the overall trend is positive.

Because of all this turmoil, none of which seemed to be related to my diet, for once, I decided to eat whatever I wanted. I only had mild nausea, so I tried to stick with lots of fruits and veggies, as usual, and add in other things I'd been avoiding. Yogurt has made a comeback (lots of protein and calcium!). I had gluten/diary-tastic macaroni and cheese, followed by cupcakes and cake (it was my birthday, don't judge) the other night, and the memory of that meal still warms my heart.

Pregnancy means high protein and increased calcium needs. I'm not messing around and trying to get by with not taking in the right nutrients because of my own mild discomfort. I'm uncomfortable a lot of the time, stomach-wise, so good tasting and marginally nutritious are my only food requirements right now. Since I don't eat soy- the one "rule" I do not want to break, because the times I do are terrible- getting protein from other, easy sources has been important. Hence, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. So much ice cream. I had cake at work the other day, and that was my dessert for the day. I felt like I was cheating on ice cream with my other love, frosting.

We're headed to Italy for the next two weeks (don't call it a babymoon or I will kill you) and my midwife told me to watch out and not eat too many carbs. This is a worry of mine, since I have to work a little bit to get enough protein in my diet, and that's the case even when I'm able to easily choose my food. In addition, carbs ALWAYS sound good to me, so I have to fight my natural inclination to subsist on them (see also: macaroni, ice cream, cake). I will need to make an effort to not come back 10 pounds heavier. I also have to be careful about unpasteurized cheeses, undercooked eggs, and other potential food poisoning sources. It'll be an amazing trip, of course, I'm just a wee bit stressed about the food options. Hopefully I am sufficiently destressed by these views...

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