Monday, September 29, 2014

Dolomites Part I swear I'll be done soon: Hiking Day 5

Last hiking post, promise.

We departed Lagazuoi in the morning, but first, Nick got some gorgeous pics of the sunrise.
I will sleep in a dormitory every night if it means I can see this in the morning.

You think I'm kidding?

I am (snoring German guy, ruining the fun for everyone). But this is still so gorgeous.

During WWI, the area we were in was disputed. It was originally part of Austria, but Italy tried, successfully, to take it over during the War. We passed many, many semi-intact bunkers and bits of debris nestled in the mountains. The tunnel we traversed below was particularly impressive- It is 650 meters of stairs that head down a mountain. It was creepy, and uncomfortable, but incredible in its length and the amount of work that was put into constructing it.

It was like this for an hour. So much down. No lights. Kind of treacherous.

We saw edelweiss (after a week of singing the song). They were for sale at a souvenir shop/
Washed out LUNCH!!! picture, included for uniformity and because it was THE BEST gnocchi I had in my entire life. Smoked ricotta-y pillows of joy.

This was a shorter day, thank goodness, because we ended up caught in drenching rain toward the end of the day. We were only about a half mile from our destination though, and we happened to meet some Americans while we waited for our taxi back to town. We got back to our hotel and back to civilization. That evening we also got to meet the group that would be doing via ferrata with us the next few days. I was relieved, happy. and looking forward to doing something different for the next few days. Little did I know the challenge I was in for... 

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