Friday, September 26, 2014

Dolomites Part 5: Hiking Day 3 and 4

On our third day our destination was Lavarella (I'd linkto these but 1. the websites are often not very good and 2. they're in Italian). We once again had a lovely day of weather ahead of us. Nick and I looked at our map (that was our before/during/after dinner pastime... note to self, bring a book next time) and saw that the hike to Lavarella would be fairly straight and boring, and have a wicked downhill at the end. It may sound weird to want very badly to avoid downhill, but while going uphill is difficult, cardiovascularly, at least it doesn't feel as hard on the joints as downhill. So we devised a more adventurous, less direct route to our destination.
At the beginning. This part felt "hard," but it can't all be that bad, right?! RIGHT? 

Sliding down the hill... 

Sliding sideways down the hill..

Trying not to fall down the hill... 
Occasionally we were treated to a pretty waterfall.
Home sweet home for the night. 2 tiny twin beds. Tiny room. No longer care as long as I don't have to climb down any more hills.

LUNCH! Spinach knodel (amazing dumplings). Nick's pasta has butter on the sauce, which he said was a delicious addition. 

And for the second half of our day, we hiked up to that pass. Because we hadn't had enough challenges. 

And then it rained.

This was not my favorite day. Our hikes were very challenging and I was stressed out. The path in the morning was kind of hard to follow, and I worried about being lost, falling, and all sorts of other things. We made it through just fine, but not without some complaining from me.

Luckily, we followed day 3 with day 4 (because we're logical). Day 4 was my very favorite, by far. Our destination was Lagozuoi. Our day started with a serene hike through a valley.
So pretty... 

Look closely, that is a perfectly still lake with the mountain reflected in it. 

There were horses. I was excited.

Then we had to go up. Final destination: that notch between the mountains.

Getting there.

And then the descent...

Worth it. Gorgeous turquoise lake on the other side!

Bad pic, sorry Nick, but LUNCH was a cheese sandwich picnic.

And then we had more up. 2 more hours. Our destination is that little hut atop the mountain.
Once again, views were worth it!

Our home for the night: dormitory. Oof.

I'm on top of the world

The beauty was overwhelming. So much to take in.

This was officially too many pictures for a blog post, so I will stop there. One more day of hiking to come!

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