Monday, August 25, 2014

"Working out"

I actually sort of like to sweat. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I have a good dose of endorphins. Of course, this contributed to my over-exercising issues, but even in my new, more reasonable state I still want a workout to feel like a workout.

Enter: the prenatal workout. Now, the general recommendation, and what my midwife confirmed for my case, is that pregnant women can continue to do whatever you did before pregnancy, within reason. For me, this meant running in short bursts and some fairly long, sometimes intense walks (yes, walking can be intense when you're watching Gossip Girl... I made it 29 years without seeing that show and now I cannot quit it)

I wanted to add some variety and strength stuff to my routine so I checked into some prenatal workouts. Between Google and poking around on Youtube, I have browsed/watched/participated in 5 different workouts, and been impressed with none of them. They're either ridiculous about pregnancy (hands on your belly! It's so important to connect with your baby! I talk to my baby while I work out! *gag*) or silly easy (Don't go too low! Don't need to push yourself!). I want neither of these things! I am not a delicate flower and I am certain the baby will not fall out from doing squats. I would like to actually exert myself. Also, +10000 points if the instructor is actually pregnant. Denise Austin, I will listen to you talk about how sexy pregnancy makes you feel when you're burping stomach acid into your nose and discovering cellulite on your lower back (I'm officially the hottest wife ever... and yes, I know I have 6 more months of things getting much, much worse). 

My best solution so far has been to do the "low impact" stuff from FitnessBlender, which continues its reign as my favorite workout provider. They have several low impact or "for beginners" workouts that still manage to kick my out of shape ass. They clock in around 30 minutes. That's a good length for me to feel accomplished, sweat sufficiently, and still be able to shower and eat dinner at a reasonable time. Between those videos and the treadmill, I will try and keep myself in not-sucky shape for the next 6 months. 

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