Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling like myself

The thing I've heard most about second trimester is that you'll finally be back to feeling like yourself. A chubbier version, maybe, but at least more like a human than in previous weeks. I don't think I realized how tired I was for first tri- I was incredibly lucky to only have mild fatigue, the kind that requires weekend naps but still allowed me to keep up daily exercise and prevent the house from looking like a disaster- until I entered second tri. I might not have felt that tired, but 3 months of feeling kinda sorta run down still wears on a person.

In celebration of this, and after having one of my very rare cups of coffee, I went for a run OUTSIDE. It is well documented on this blog that I have no great love for running outside. My area has an abundance of roadkill, rude drivers, and limited options for non-road running. However, the weather was amazing on Sunday and after a week of lackluster prenatal workouts I was ready to do something challenging. So I brought my dog with me.

She watched me eat every bite of that orange. 

Kiwi is not the best at walking on a leash. That's our fault. We don't take her on frequent walks because of afternoon heat and since she can get exercise and playtime in our big yard. She doesn't pull terribly, but she does not focus on the task at hand well, so there's a lot of yanking to get her attention refocused on forward motion. I thought that running (she's jogged on the leash with Nick for short distances before) might keep her attention because she'd be moving fast enough to not notice every single leaf on the ground. That's what I get for thinking. 

She was all over the place. We had a few moments of "yes, this is how it should work" but not too many. She got better as she got tired, because she didn't have enough energy to be distracted. In the end, we did 1.3ish miles together, walking/running combo. I'll definitely take her again, and hopefully with practice she'll get into the groove. I hope she liked it, she seemed to be happy to be trotting instead of her usual walk.

The highlight of the day was yet to come. I dropped Kiwi off at the house and headed out by myself, with my headphones on and the sun shining. I haven't run outside since... November? Geez. It had been a while. The weather was perfect and I felt sprightly. I kept my breathing under control and went at a comfortable pace and took lots of walking breaks.I didn't see any roadkill, but I did get to hurdle my neighbor's adorable guinea hens as they wandered back and forth across the (40 mph speed limit) road. That was good for a midrun laugh.  I ended up with 4 miles, including the ones I did with Kiwi. It was an endorphin high like I haven't felt since last fall. The last song that came on Pandora as I was running was Katy Perry's "Roar" and I might have been singing along while running toward my house, thinking about how empowering that song is, and how I'll teach my son/daughter (it's empowering even if you're a dude) to embrace his/her personality and suddenly I'm crying (and still running) because I'm pregnant and running and just so damn happy and THE HORMONES MAKE ME ACT LIKE THIS. 

The day after, my legs reminded me that I haven't run outside, on pavement, on hills, at a speed faster than 12 min/mile, in 9 months. I was sore all over but whatever, running (and music, and nice weather) made me cry with happiness. I'm ok with that.

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