Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poison Eye-vy

It's a pun because I got poison ivy on my eye. Eye-vy. I'm clever.

Puffy eye. Shiny face. Happy me.

My eyes don't normally have super puffy bags under them, so this single puffy eye situation makes me look like I got punched. Very attractive. We did a lot of yardwork this weekend and I must have touched my eye with my contaminated hand, or possibly taken my shirt off at an angle or something, but here I am with a swollen eye. Also, I have it on my arms and legs and a small spot on my hip. Of course.

And here's a video of Nick trying to get dear Kiwi to swim. We have taken her to the beach a few times and the most she'll do is stand at the edge and drink the water. She won't chase a stick or toy into the water. She won't go after other dogs or people in the water. Nick thought that maybe if he was in there, she'd want to go in too. No. So he took her in and she did the cute auto-paddle thing that dogs do, but she was clearly not happy. Back to the shore she went. We're sad she's not a water dog, but she's awesome in every other way. We'll just have to deal with not swimming with her.

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