Friday, June 13, 2014

Pick a lane

Ugh. I just read my last few posts and wow, I do not recommend doing that. In one post I talk about how free I feel just being me, and in the next I say I'm unhappy with my weight. I need to pick a damn lane.

I'm doing this for my health.

But I'm unhappy.

I'm doing this for my future kids.

But I don't like my body right now.

Can't I have it both ways? Can't I be a tortured soul for a little while?

I haven't talked about the rest of my life lately. There are other things to me besides being infertile and chubby.

 Kiwi is just the cutest and I can't even stand it.
Her floppy ass ears flip inside out and look so silly.

We're going to this music festival next week and I've been so busy with work I am just now thinking logistics. Camping  for 3 nights with thousands of intoxicated, drug-addled teenagers? 

But really, I'm excited about the concert (Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Local Natives, American Authors, Band of Horses, Grouplove, SO MANY MORE!) and it'll be my first vacation in a few months, unless you count work travel to Southeastern Illinois a vacation. I do not.

That's pretty much my life. Work, puppy, and getting excited about a concert. I have a lot to be happy about. 

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