Monday, June 30, 2014

Firefly Music Festival 2014- the camping

Camping. Seems so simple. Go sleep out under the stars, eat simple food, dress comfortably.

Firefly was not that kind of camping. *WARNING: Gross (dirty) feet picture ahead. Stop if you're squeamish about lack of personal hygeine*

We were in a super duper far away lot and towards the end of that lot. This was nice as far as foot (and car) traffic went, but it meant that we had to walk forever to get to everything. The bathroom was about a half mile away. The actual Festival entrance was about a 40 minute walk. We were surrounded on all sides by tents and vehicles and people and noise, noise, noise. I am a pretty light sleeper. Take me out of my comfy bed and onto a thin sleeping pad and I sleep worse. Put rowdy teenagers giggling in the wee hours just feet away from me, and I pretty much never slept more than an hour at a time. Yet my body still wanted to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, because it was light out, and I'm so used to waking up early.

This is like 2% of the campsites. Seriously.

Nick and I had a good packing list, and Nick is experienced with camping, so we had all the essentials. Setting everything up on the first day went smoothly. We had tons of food, everything was good.

Then the dust happened. I don't know if I just didn't notice it the first day because I was too busy doing other stuff, but the second morning we were both struck by how gross everything already was. There was a fine coat of dust over our chairs, table, clothes, tent. It was just gritty everywhere. It only got worse as the weekend went along and at the end of the day our bodies were also covered in dust.
Officially the grossest picture I've ever put on the internet. Dirt adhesion is exacerbated by sunscreen application.

It was also hot, of course, although it could have been hotter. But we struggled to keep a lot of perishable food from spoiling, so we had to lug bags of (overpriced) ice back to the campsite every morning. And water. Water was located with the bathrooms, so we also had to walk quite a distance to get fresh water. Which was warm. All weekend (since I wasn't drinking alcohol) I didn't have a single cold drink! Everything I drank was outside temperature or hotter. Gross.

Showers were an ordeal. We took 2. A third one was needed, but at $5/shower, I was ok with being dirty on the last day. The line was also quite long on the third day, and they were kind of icky. Of course. The water was surprisingly warm, and they had shampoo, conditioner, and facewash samples, so I couldn't complain too much. But it was still icky and they were full of discarded shampoo samples and other debris. And they were tiny, of course. I was thankful we had the ability to get clean, but wish it had been a tiny bit more pleasant.

Our neighbors, aside from being a little rowdy, were funny and nice the times we interacted with them. I felt pretty old because I wasn't partaking in the wild illegal drug/way too much alcohol thing that they had going on, so it was hard to bond over that. We saw some really elaborate and entertaining setups at other camp sites, and the atmosphere was really fun and exciting. 

Essentials (aside from the obvious stuff like food and clothing): table, some sort of shade provider (pop-up tent), baby wipes, toilet paper, coozie(s), shower basket thing, earplugs, light blanket (sleeping bags get too hot), flip flops so you don't have to wear dirty shoes in the tent, axe/hammer for getting tent stakes into hard ground

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  1. It sounds awesome! I hope I'm able to get Firefly Music Festival tickets in 2017 so I can check it out for myself. It's one of the few festivals I haven't actually been to yet :)