Friday, May 16, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year

Disclaimer: I detest people who talk about the weather. I detest them with the fire of a thousand suns. The only acceptable weather comments are "hey, it's nice out! I should work in my garden/go for a bike ride/walk my dog" or "Gosh, this is a really intense hurricane/blizzard/tornado." So I'm being a huge hypocrite. Whatever. 
I'm turning into a Leslie Knope fangirl. 

In Maryland, we tend to have a really short spring. We go from "winter" (which is sometimes actually cold, but usually fairly balmy) to "summer" (which gets quotation marks because it's not a season, it's hell). This year has been no exception. And I find myself delighting in the hot weather and humidity. Why? Because I'm not running, suckers!

Yes, I'm still bummed that I'm not running. And blah blah blah infertility sucks, but today I am happy I am not forcing myself to walk out into the near 90 degree weather with 70% humidity and drag myself along the black asphalt, next to hot, speeding cars, dodging decomposing animals and gagging next to fields that I swear were fertilized with fish bodies (is this a thing? The fields legitimately smell like Red Lobster's dumpster). I will play with my puppy, make a nice, relaxed dinner, walk on the treadmill in the air conditioning if I feel like it, and feel self-satisfied.
I can nap with my happy dog and no training plan induced guilt will touch me. 

Trying to find the bright side to all of this is much easier when I'm changing into my pajamas at 6pm instead of returning from a run and cleaning up my sweat off the floor. Laziness FTW. 

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