Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Such random

Subtitle: yes I still make Doge jokes. Deal with it.

 Some Kiwi pics...

Kiwi brought us a glove she found outside. It's now her "outside toy" because frisbees and balls do nothing for her. I love that she brought us the glove like it was an animal she caught.

Fat dog in a little coat. She's doubled in size since we bought this coat for her. Awww.
She destroyed this toy in a couple of days. It used to be a frog. I sewed up his eye but now his poor head is misshapen. Kiwi remains unphased. 

And some Random thoughts... 
- I thought we had all learned about the wastefulness of bottled water, but no. I have a coworker who drinks 4 bottles a day. Every Monday she brings in one of those small pallet things and drinks it all week. I am totally judging her for the amount of waste she creates (and doesn't recycle... I might have peeked in her trash...)

-People talking in the bathroom will never cease to stress me out. I cannot pee if you're standing inches away, talking about menopause! Talk OUTSIDE the bathroom. Please. Also, menopause sounds terrible.

-Apparently I'm full of coworker gripes. I have a new cube neighbor who, because of the nature of his job, gets lots of visitors. This means there are people standing outside my cube talking all day long. Cannot handle it.

-An insurance company denied my claim for one of my meds this week "due to diagnosis" and although I was very calm with the woman, this was my internal dialogue:

-I made these from Oh She Glows last week. I was so delighted I had 95% of the ingredients (I omitted hemp seeds)! They were incredibly easy and amazing. Super rich. We're a fan of raw brownie type things in our home. This is our other favorite dessert.

That's about it. I wish I had more profound things to share, but nope.

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