Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have freedom, will travel

Along with the many other changes I've been going through with my whole "get chubby and lazy in just 5 months!" plan has come a feeling of freedom. I'm not bound by a workout schedule, a food schedule, a calorie counting schedule. It's delightful, but also weird.

I'm traveling for work this week. This is my first work trip where I've been free to just do whatever. This means that for food yesterday I had a normal breakfast, an airport wrap for lunch (hummus wrap = tons of hummus in a tortilla... is this a thing now? I'd like to make it a thing), and caramel/cheesy popcorn for dinner
Garrett's Popcorn in O'Hare Airport.... I will return to you, and we will live out our lives together in caramelly harmony. I recommend every order the Chicago Mix. Now. Pay the shipping. I'm having some sent to my hotel. No shame.

I wasn't hungry after that hearty dinner, so I didn't eat anything else. Just kidding, I ate ice cream. Because I'm human. Today, I went to training all day and daydreamed about what I'd have for dinner. I'm not in the culinary capital of the world, but I was excited about experiencing a new restaurant.

Not counting calories or stressing about exactly when and where I would eat (daydreaming, yes, stressing, no) feels great. I did have a bit of guilt over the massive amount of oily popcorn I had for dinner, but that passed, and I lived to eat another meal. It's not like this is a huge victory for a normal person, but for me it's nice to just chill and live life with fewer rules. Life is happier when, sometimes, you just eat popcorn for dinner.

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