Friday, April 4, 2014


This post by a fellow out of service runner (for injury reasons, and btw she's run SO MANY RACES in such cool places) made me think again about what I miss about running, and why. *I promise someday I'll have something new to talk about*


I talked about this the other day, about how I am having trouble defining and redefining myself as a non-athlete. As the unhealthy coworker. I don't feel special or different anymore. I don't feel like I have accomplishments to be proud of right now. The ironic thing about the timing of this whole HA thing is that I had just really started seeing progress in my running and when I ran a 3:37:07 in November I wanted to get it tatooed on my freaking forehead. I placed in my age group in a (tiny) marathon! I was winning 5k's! I felt like a real runner. I felt I looked like a real runner, which was also important to me. If you had asked me a year before (when I ran a 4:06 at the Richmond Marathon) what I was proudest of, in my whole life, it would have been 1) happy life with Nick and 2) I was "skinny." I KNOW.

A year later and skinniness was still definitely on my list, but it was below pride about my marriage, my job, and my running. And now, 4 months later, I'm still proud of other parts of my life, but running is now off the list. And so is being skinny.

I was joking about needing a hobby recently, but I honestly think I do. I mean, hanging out with my dog and husband is cool, and makes me happy, but my time that used to be filled with fitness is now filled with... thinking about fitness. Which is not fun.

Here are some ideas I've come up with:
- Cooking
- Reading more
-... that's it. 

I actually googled "hobbies" (because that's not the saddest thing ever). The list is on Wikipedia is not good, although it does include things like "watching movies" and "eating," which means, hooray, I already have at least 2 hobbies! I have friends who are homebrewers, or knitters or quilters. All of those are interesting and fun and things that those people can be proud of. "Look what I knitted/brewed/quilted!" But none of those things appeal to me. Is complaining on the internet a hobby? Can it be?

Do you have a hobby? Do you mistakenly type "hooby" every time like I do? 

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