Monday, April 21, 2014


Things that made me cry today...

The Boston Marathon
First I cried because I was jealous. Then I cried because I was mad that I was jealous. Then I cried because I was so proud of everyone. Then I watched the finishers and cried again. I am so happy for and proud of everyone who finished. It was incredibly inspirational and from what I've heard, the energy in Boston was electric.

Being thirsty
I was in a meeting in a building I'm not normally in, and wandered around trying to find a water fountain for about 3 minutes before deciding I looked dumb and I gave up. By the end of the meeting it was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT. So I started tearing up. Because I'm an adult.

Needing to pee
See also: thirsty. My basic needs are very upsetting to me today.

My coworker telling me she's going to the gym
See also: jealous about Boston.

My pants
And my shirts. And my underwear. Thank goodness I don't gain weight in my ankles (yet!) or else I'd be crying about my shoes.

My skin
As someone who went years without a zit (in hindsight, this was because I didn't have any hormones), I am mortified to constantly have zits now. And in addition to being embarrassed by my bad skin, these zits HURT. My mother got me fancy, expensive moisturizer and wipes with salicylic acid that help until my skin swings the other way and I end up with painful dry spots. That then bleed. Great, now I'm crying about it again.

My lunch
I got a salad from the cafeteria (which happens maybe four times a year) and got the classic comment "salad,  eh? You're always eating so healthy!" and then I muttered about how I wasn't trying to eat healthy, I was just trying to eat and... I suck so bad at interacting with people. So I cried.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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