Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Kiwi, All the time

Kiwi is coming up on 6 months old. In dog years, that makes her like 4, right? Too bad she's already taken up smoking.

And teenager-y moping.

And sleeping the day away.

And staring at me accusingly (this is the worst picture ever, I know, but the other option  on my phone was using the flash and that just looked terrible). This was while I was laying on the couch, sick, and she proceeded to bring me every one of her toys and then stare at me, sadly. I threw a couple of her toys but just didn't satisfy her need for play.

We've had her for over 3 months now and I just can't imagine life without her. She's a constant source of laughter for us, and although she doesn't appreciate them, she provides excellent hugs. I never understood people who cuddled with their dogs (I always thought dogs smelled too dog-y to want to put my face on them) but she is so sweet and soft and just begs to be snuggled.

She's also losing her baby teeth right now which has been a lifesaver for us. She's been slightly fussy and clearly has gum pain, but doesn't seem to torn up about the whole thing. And every tooth that she loses is another tooth that won't rip our skin off. That, combined with her learning some damn manners already, has made everyone much happier. She still bites but she has learned how to do so gently and takes her aggressive biting out on other objects.

This weekend we took her to my dad's bike race. She behaved fairly well, aside from wanting to say "Hi!" to EVERYONE. She just couldn't handle people walking by her and not petting her. Luckily, she's super sweet and approachable, so a lot of people gave her attention. It was probably the most excitement she's ever had in a day. She also very patiently tolerated a little boy who wanted to have her do tricks. She is not super reliable with tricks, so they were both having a hard time figuring the whole thing out. It was cute but clearly frustrating for both of them. There was also a tense run in with another little dog who was poorly behaved and poorly controlled. She emerged scared but unscathed.

I know everyone says this, but we seriously have the best dog. She's playful and fun and makes silly noises and loves us. I'm so glad we have her.

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