Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm that person...

...Who takes a million pictures of her dog. I actually showed a stranger pictures of Kiwi the other day. With no prompting. I'm that crazy about this little creature.
On her medical records it should list her length at 12 weeks as "Laurel's femurs +/- 2 inches"

During bathtime. I hate you, Mom and Dad.
Post-bath. I still hate you.

She is a little terror in some ways. She has a nasty habit of biting our hands and clothes, and she escalates quickly from gentle bites to intense, blood-drawing chomps. There are ways to get her to stop this, but unfortunately they involve yelling/yelping at her loudly to teach her she's hurting us. No one likes that, but it's necessary to get her to chill out and not be a danger to humans later on. I was thinking of taking her to Petco at some point in the future (because shopping + puppy is a winning combo). That wouldn't be the best idea if she's apt to bite everyone who tries to pet her.

On the plus side, I think she's settling into our routine much better now. We get up, Nick takes her out, and she gets a little play time before we leave at 6:30. Then around lunchtime (11:00), one of us goes home for another potty break and more play time. We're home for the day at 4:30 or so, so the longest she goes without us is 5 hours. It's not ideal, but she seems happy and tired and is doing very well with house training.

Another side bonus of going home at lunchtime? I can eat completely random food that I would never take for work lunch. Normal work lunch = balanced meal. Eat at home work lunch = 3 muffins. I am not kidding. Yesterday, I ate 3 warm banana muffins for lunch. 2 with melted butter, 1 with peanut butter (oh the sacrifices I make to gain weight... ). On weekends, I don't usually eat a proper lunch because we have a late breakfast, so having an excuse to eat muffins mid-day is fine by me. Yes, I just called muffins a proper lunch. I'm not sorry.

I am so happy to have Nick helping as we're getting used to this whole dog ownership thing. I mean, she only weighs 10 lbs or so, but she's a bundle of energy and sometimes the biting can be frustrating and one of us needs time to step away from her. Plus, being able to alternate who goes home at lunch is very helpful and means we can balance out our work schedules pretty well. And most importantly, Nick's actually owned a dog before, so he knows what he's doing. He's also not quite as big of a softie as I am and seems to do better with ignoring her cries and actually disciplining her. Such a good partner. /endgushing

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