Monday, February 3, 2014

How that whole walking thing is going

After all the complaining the other day, here's some not complaining. Walking for exercise is really pretty ok. Yes, it feels like a waste to put on workout clothes, including a sports bra that will barely even be needed, then go and not get sweaty at all, but it also means I get to re-wear my workout clothes. Bras and shorts get 2 wears now! Socks still only get worn once. My feet are gross enough as it is. I know some people re-wear workout clothes already because they're pretty princesses who don't sweat or something other nonsense, but HA. That will never be me.
See the sweat covering my back? pretty sure it was actually cold this day. 

So, YAY walking because it means less laundry.

Another plus side, I'm getting a lot of quality time watching movies. When I ran, I didn't usually watch movies because they needed too much focus. A good 22-minute sitcom was perfect for running, but since I have more brainpower available when walking (I'm not as busy calculating how many minutes I have left), movies are much easier to watch. I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape (I know it's old, and it's amazing to see how DiCaprio has grown up... he was great in that movie) and a few other indie films that Netflix recommended. Thanks for helping me get some culture, Netflix.

So that's walking. Full disclosure: I've been running too. I need to keep up with this girl:
I call her Bat Dog, Crazy Eyes, Stinky Face... pretty much anything besides her actual name. 

Over the weekend, we let her off her leash twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. We've done this before (we're bad dog owners and ordered her leash online but didn't have it for the first 2-3 days we had her), and she hadn't run off too far, just very short excursions into the bushes. Not too difficult to chase down although she is surprisingly quick on her stubby little legs. On Saturday, we took her off the leash to play fetch and she almost immediately took off toward the brambles that separate our yard from the next property. She stopped for a potty break and I thought I could get her but she can power through prickly bushes much better than I can. I caught up with her just as she was venturing into the woods. On Sunday, she did pretty much the same thing, but the whole ordeal took a lot longer and involved me grabbing her by her front leg to retrieve her. We're incredibly lucky that both times she went in the direction of the road with only 4 houses on it, not the major thoroughfare with the 50 mph speed limit. As I read what I've written, I'm realizing we're dumb to let her off her leash at all given her age and how new she is to our family. I promise we'll be better caretakers.

What was my point with all this? That I've been running with the puppy (leashed) and running after her, and I love actually feeling winded for the first time in over a month. It's refreshing to feel my heart get going. I miss running, but walking will have to do for now.

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