Thursday, January 2, 2014

December totals AND 2013 mileage!

December was my marathon recovery month. How did I do on recovery? The way I usually do, start off slow and low mileage, feel better, then immediately ramp up again. I'm the worst.

However, I did back off toward the end of the month to try and stop stressing about fitting workouts in and just let the rest of my life take precedence. That worked. It worked so well that I haven't worked out in almost a week as of today... yay me? December goes down as my second lowest mileage month for the year, with less than 50 miles run. The only month with fewer miles was April, with the wedding. I'd like to think that having these two months, the two where I was most focused on being with my family and friends. I'm balanced, yo.
They're weighing... fruit bits? Gushers? Such a weird photo.

That brings us to my total for 2013...... 1212.84 miles running (and 485 biking)!! Let's just call it 1212, because that's a nice number. I am delighted with this number, since it far exceeds my goal of 1000 miles. Yay me. Yay 2013.

December 1: off- walked on tmill a little
December 2: Elliptical 30 min, upper body weights
December 3: walk on tmill a bit
December 4: 3.1 on the tmill. Triumphant return to running!
December 5: 3.5 on tmill
December 6: 45ish minutes of HIIT
December 7: 3.1 in 22:24 (5K PR woo!)
December 8: off
December 9: 6 miles on tmill plus c/d. 6.25 total
December 10: 6 miles on tmill plus c/d, 6.30 total
December 11: 1 hour on the trainer, throwing in higher intensity stuff here and there
December 12: elliptical 30 min plus weights
December 13: swimming! ~2450 m in 45 minutes
December 14: off
December 15: off
December 16: 5.5 miles on tmill.
December 17: 6.3 miles on tmill
December 18: off
December 19: 7.25 on tmill
December 20: 45 mins on trainer
December 21: off
December 22: 5.25 on tmill, interval type thing
December 23: half hour of interval things
December 24: biking? don't remember
December 25: off
December 26: running? How do I not remember?
December 27: ice skating!
December 28: off
December 29: off
December 30: off
December 31: off

December totals: 46.55 miles run, 3 hr bike, 2 HIIT, 2 elliptical, swim 2450 m

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