Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day yesterday-today

Summary: I am a cheater.
Sub-summary: Gluten free dessert is expensive.

Workouts: Off yesterday, 4.5 miles on treadmill today. Not bad.

Tummy: Weird. Always weird.

Today is soy day! Rejoice, for I can eat tofu. And eat tofu I did. Today's eats:

tofu (soy!) and an apple for breakfast
Sunflower seeds, blueberries, almonds and cashews for snacks
veggies  + AB brown rice pasta, pesto, and chickpeas for lunch
TVP (soy!) and salad for dinner

My run today was reasonable. 4.5 miles, moderate pace, fairly easy to chug along. I wasn't dying to be done, which is nice. My stomach today feels... weird. The last 2 days have been pretty bad- I went out for Mexican two nights ago and I think something I had there upset me, so I felt gross yesterday. This morning I felt okay, but then I dosed myself with tofu and my stomach magically expanded to twice its normal size. Ugh. The only days I've felt "good" are the days I've been 100% strict, no soy, dairy, whatever. However, last night I was itching for a treat, and after ogling the gluten free section at Giant I got these odd Udi's Gluten free, diary free, soy free chocolatey and delicious looking muffin tops. They had eggs in them, that's the only "allergen." But they're sugar bombs, and I have been extremely good about staying away from sugar. It was pretty yummy, and very rich, but.. meh. It wasn't worth worrying about what it would do to my stomach. I went to bed feeling slightly off.

Yesterday was the Dress Fitting. Also known as, in just 14 minutes we'll make this super expensive, complex garment fit you perfectly! I was out of there so quickly. They asked me to come back 3 weeks before the wedding, then 2 weeks, then we're good to go. That means I have yet another month to fret about the dress. It was big all over, which is definitely better than being too small. The seamstress stuck about 100 pins in it and I was done! It's all becoming real now...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 10-11

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. Basically, my self-centeredness is currently focused on my food intake. It's good to have focus.

Summary: Can I blame everything on wheat and go back to normal?

Workout: 5 fairly glorious miles outside on Wednesday, 60 minutes on the trainer on Thursday

Tummy: Day 10- gurgle. Day 11- better, but still gurgle.

I want to blame everything on wheat, I really do. I'm still not quite back to "normal" after the wheat challegne. This new normal consists of far fewer stomach cramps and much less bloating than any other point I can remember in recent history. Even now, when I feel bloaty, my stomach doesn't get as distended as it did before- back in the day (by that, I mean 10 whole days ago), I'd get so puffy that my pants would get super uncomfortable and all I could think about for hours was going home and transitioning to sweatpants. No one wants to live like that. Flat tummy, happy Laurel. I also had a GOOD run again- 5 miles, outside. It definitely was on the hard end of the run scale, but that was partially because of the ridiculous headwind I fought for the second half of the run. I managed 5 quickish miles before work.

I have to catalog my favorite meal so far- Wednesday night dinner- a.k.a. the meal I eat at 11:30. It was brown rice, kidney beans, frozen peas and carrots, a "sundried tomato pesto seasoning" (ingredients: tomatoes, onions, spices), balsamic and olive oil. I wanted to bathe in it. 2 people even remarked that it looked/smelled good, which is also encouraging to me.

Tonight's adventure- eating out! We went to Mexican with my parents and honestly, I only thought about tortilla chips for 45 minutes out of the hour we were there. Salty, crunchy tortilla chips. I was only a little fixated. Instead, I got a REALLY unimaginative lentil soup, some pretty flavorful black beans, and white rice. The beans and rice were moderately tasty, because I actually love plain rice, 100% honest. I love having an excuse to eat it plain.  The lentil soup... come on, Mexican restaurant. This was lentils, water, diced onions, some bell peppers (which are taboo, but whatever), and zucchini. I'm pretty sure it's what they feed to people who have just gotten a quadruple bypass. Blandy McBlanderson. I had had my own lentils earlier in the day, cooked at home and then tossed with garlic powder and balsamic vinegar. Those were divine. This concotion? Not so much. The only other food I sort of coveted was my brother's cheesy chile rellenos. They looked and smelled delicious. 

Tomorrow (or today, if you're being technical), is my first wedding dress fitting, complete with jewelry, shoes, difficult undergarments, and me hoping that the size they ordered isn't ridiculous. When I tried it on 2.5 months ago, they told me I needed to go 2 whole sizes up from the perfect fitting size I tried on in the store. I talked her down to ordering 1 size up, but I had to sign a contract saying I would have to buy the dress even if I gained a ton of weight and it didn't fit. Really fun experience. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 8-9

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. Is anyone reading this? Daily food updates are super boring, I know.

Summary: And then there was wheat.

Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical and weights, 3.1 + 2.1 miles running and weights. Enough with the weights already.

Tummy: Day 8 was 100% delight. Day 9 **

So day 8- my first day of real "lifting" since starting this whole thing. I put lifting in quotes because I don't know what I'm doing in a weight room and I walk around doing stuff until I feel tired. It's a method that "works" for me. I say "works" because I love quotation marks. But really, I'm not trying to be super muscley, just trying to get toned. Or something else that girls are supposed to say. The lifting went moderately well. I felt a little weaker than I was last time, but I haven't been making a habit of this like I should be. Despite that, great success. I ate more millet and chickpeas and almond butter and a million other things that didn't differ from previous days. Tummy was happy. Everyone was happy. Also, I am delighted to find new grains that aren't brown rice! Quinoa is so damn expensive I have a tough time justifying it, but millet is super cheap (I know it's not a complete protein) and yummy and I think it will be a nice addition to the food roster. Earlier my dad was making fun of me saying "millet? that's bird food! you should add sunflower seeds in there" and I had to admit I had sunflower seeds earlier in the day. When people mock me for my bird food (or rabbit food) I really can't deny it. I'm ok with that. 

Day 9- enter wheat. I had shredded wheat for breakfast around 1pm (I love nightshift!). Then I went and ran. 3.1 miles with little speed bursts, then weights (leg press will make me an invalid), then, because I had extra time, I did intervals. I felt super crappy for the first run, and still pretty crappy for the second one also. Ugh. I didn't notice any immediate effect from the cereal, but about 4 hours after breakfast I got some stomach pains and bloatiness. The thing is, I tend to get an upset stomach from intense running as well, so it's a little tough to separate the 2 issues. I had more shredded wheat at 8 pm (second breakfast? mid-lunch? dinner? who knows). Then my stomach got weird again. Dr. Google says that gluten reactions can occur at any point after you eat the stuff, some people have immediate reactions, some have a reaction a few hours later, some the next day. I guess this is why each "challenge" food is followed by several days of clean eating. Otherwise everything gets all jumbled up. As of 2am, I'm... ok. A little uncomfortable, but nothing terrible. It's like wheat said something sort of mean to my GI tract, but it was unintentionally mean, so my GI is still hesitant to like wheat because of that offhand comment. That analogy completely makes sense to me. But then again, it's 2am, so lots of things make sense to me.

On a totally different note, wedding stuff is moving along frighteningly quickly- my dress came in and I have a fitting on Friday! Ah! Also, I have all my jewelry, some undergarments that hopefully will work, and the shoes I'm going to wear. I still need to figure out hair, but I figure I'll slap a headband on like I do everyday anyways (except this time it'll be someone else slapping the headband on, and I'll be paying them lots of money to do it nicely.). Nick's outfit is also all purchased and figured out. AHHH! 8 weeks from today I'll be getting hitched. I can't wait! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 7

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. 

Summary: What if this is the New normal?

Workout: 4.75 miles on the treadmill.  I didn't want to die the whole time. Miracle!

Tummy: Joy. I feel like I'm ingesting strictly unicorns. Vegan unicorns of happiness.

Yesterday I was 100% on target with food. Except when I wasn't because EVERYONE WANTS TO SABOTAGE ME! Really, food manufacturers all sit around and scheme about how to fit weird chemicals and secret ingredients into everything. Veggie broth has hydrolyzed soy protein. So does my otherwise totally innocuous Progresso lentil soup. One thing this diet has taught me is that this level food preparation is wildly time consuming. That is compounded because I'm cooking for one, so I dont have stockpiles of anything. Except grains. I have SO MANY GRAINS. I guess, more accurately, I don't have stockpiled dishes, I just have components. I think we have 40 servings of millet and brown rice in the freezer (sorry, Nick, if you wanted to put anything besides your odd fiancee's gluten-free grains in there... not gonna happen). Assembling my food to come into work for 10-12 hours is a task- there's almond butter, salad dressing, 2 kinds of fruit to chop, 2 kinds of nuts, salad, beans, rice, veggies and an apple. Plus twice a week I chop veggies en masse. It's kind of out of control. 

My run today was notable- for the first time in almost a week, I felt like I could do more. I wasn't dragging to get to 4.5 miles, I felt fairly energetic. My only guess as to why that happened is that I woke up, ate some cantaloupe and cereal, and then waited 1.5 hours to run. Maybe that gave my body enough time to get some glucose chugging around? That's the only explanation I have. I also slept for 10 hours. So that might have helped a little. I dreamt about being in Afghanistan and trying to disarm landmines using a gun, then watching my partner get tased (tasered? no idea). Her name was Patty. I wish I was making this up.

I just feel so, so much better eating this way, I'm almost afraid of the next test. The wine "challenge" was so night and day, I was so quickly reminded of how terribly uncomfortable I was before. What if it's yeast? Or gluten? Or something else that's in everything and will just make life as an almost vegan even harder? Ugh. I know people deal with way more difficult stuff in their lives, but being the pickiest eater EVER is not my favorite thing. Oh well. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elimination Diet Day 4-6

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to... wait.. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. 

Summary: If I'm allergic to wine I'm going to shank someone.

Workouts: 40 minutes on the bike trainer- first time wee!, 5.6 miles outside, and an off day

Tummy: Kill me now.

First off, bike trainer? SO COOL. Where has this been? Nick's been using it while I run on the treadmill (while we watch TV together.. super cute couple time). He's told me several times how hard it is and I've seen him sweating and struggling, so Thursday I finally pulled my bike inside and gave it a whirl. Holy cow, hard. I didn't feel the same fatigue I've felt with running, but it's harder to tell since I could adjust exertion by shifting. Overall, it was a good experience and I felt wiped out when I was done. Yesterday's run, however, was a disaster. I did my first 2 miles, cruising along, sub 9s. The weather was insanely pretty, and I was trying to enjoy it (I was running in shorts and a tshirt! In February! There should have been angels singing), but I was t-i-r-e-d and miserable and had zero energy. I walked/ran the 3rd mile, ran the 4th straight through, and then walked/ran the last mile. Average pace was almost 10 minutes per mile. I used to kill for that, but that is not my current "good" pace. I don't know what's up but I don't like it.

Thursday I stuck to the diet 100%, no weird foods, all well-behaved. Friday night we were out at dinner and I was lamenting my lack of menu options when I decided that hey, it's day 5, let's test some stuff! So I tested wine. Many glasses of wine. It was glorious, until the stomach cramping started. And bloat, which is super cute when you're wearing leggings and everyone has a really clear view of your distended stomach. This morning I still felt awful so I triumphantly put wine in the "body hates" column. Nick and I were trying to figure out what I'm allergic to in wine... grapes? Booze? Yeast? And then I remembered that a friend of mine just told me she has a yeast allergy (Hi Megan!). Do you know how much stuff has yeast in it?! It's terrible. I'm gonna test it out again later I guess, but man, no wine or beer unless I'm willing to feel yucky for days afterwards? No bueno. 

Today's eats: rice Chex and almond milk for breakfast, beans and rice with balsamic at lunch, a super delicious carrot soup with roasted chickpeas and salad for dinner. And now I'm gonna go cry and not drink wine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elimination day 3

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm just a hypochondriac trying to make my imaginary symptoms less bad. I'm basically super lucky to be able to overthink my food to excess and buy whatever I want. I'm also ok with being the annoying girl who brings food to a long meeting because if she doesn't eat every 4 hours, she will eat everyone. 

Summary: This just might be working.

Workout: 4.25 miles on the treadmill. Not a fun one.

Awake hours: 10am-11pm. I could not get out of bed this morning despite 11ish hours. Eek.

Tummy: Pretty good. 

My run this morning totally sucked again. I slogged through 4 miles. I didn't start the major counting down until 2 miles in though, so that's sort of progress. I drank water and ate raisins

I ate all the same things as yesterday, really. But I subbed blueberries out for an orange, meaning I cut out one more "allergenic" food. And also just for funsies. 

Run with raisins
Eggs + mustard
Brown rice cereal (this is amazing. Why haven't I been eating this every day of my life) and almond milk
Nuts and apple
Kidney beans and brown rice over salad topped with balsamic and olive oil. Yesterday I said I could eat this every day of my life, so I had it again. It's still love at first bite (I SLAY ME)
Carrots, celery, and the perfect dream that is almond butter.

The thing is, this is not all that different from how I normally eat. I was already limiting dairy, I'm just more aware of it now. I miss wheat. I miss chocolate. I miss grabbing a random candy or a cookie that was sitting around and not thinking about allergens ("oh this has flour/butter/milk/eggs in it? I'll pass") Tomorrow is day 4, then Friday is WOOHOO challenge day. Unfortunately, that does not mean pasta and cheese galore, because you can't just eat everything right at once without negating the whole purpose of the elimination diet (so says Dr. Google). I'm supposed to add one food back at a time.. we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Elimination diet- day 2

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm just figuring some stuff out. Italicized stuff is food that's not on the elimination eating plan that I'm following. 

Summary: I'm ok. You're ok. We're all just super ok.

Workout: 3.75 miles on the treadmill. One of the worst/hardest runs I've done in recent memory

Awake hours: 9am-11pm

Tummy: Bloaty and uncomfortable. Wtf, tummy.

This morning my knee was much more cooperative, so I hopped on the treadmill for some slow-ish slogging. It was really, really difficult to get motivated and I really wanted to stop right from the very beginning. I ate some cantaloupe and had water before the run, but this felt like an unusual amount of fatigue. I wanted to slow down, to stop, whatever, but I chugged through almost 4 miles. I wonder if the weird diet is messing with my running. After 1 day. Orrrrr, in the real world, I'm just a slug sometimes and crappy runs happen. That is more likely.

Today was a food fest. I ate 7 separate times, mostly due to schedule, somewhat due to bloating discomfort limiting my eating.

Eggs + mayo and mustard
Brown rice cereal (technically, this is processed food. Whatever.) and almond milk
Nuts and apple
Kidney beans and brown rice over salad topped with balsamic and olive oil. I could eat this every day of my life.
Carrots, celery, and the perfect dream that is almond butter.

On the plus side, I'm down about 5 lbs. water weight. I'm not having any major sugar or caffeine withdrawals (it's hard to have sugar withdrawals when you go crazy on a bag of chocolate chips your first night "sugar free"). It helps that I'm able to get oodles of sleep because I don't need to be to work until 1pm. Nightshift sort of makes me feel like I'm a Real Housewife of Southern Maryland. Look at me, making a pot of beans, slicing some veggies, running and doing laundry, all before noon. On a Tuesday. This is pretty much my dream life (minus the fact that I see Nick awake for 10 minutes a day. Boo.).

I'm gonna keep on chugging with the super reduced food line up. Overall, I feel pretty good. The bloating is there, but it's not the end of the world. We'll have to see if the running fatigue continues (I ate more carbs today, but my meals are timed all wonky still). 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Elimination diet- day 1

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm just figuring some stuff out. Italicized stuff is food that's not on the elimination eating plan that I'm following.

Summary: I don't want to kill anyone yet.

Workout: 45 minute "walking workout" on tv. It was actually semi-hard.

Awake hours: 9am-1:30am

Tummy: hungry, but ok? I'll leave those specific details off the blog.

Today starts 8 weeks of weird sleeping schedule. I observed this auspicious day by sleeping in weird bits and pieces from 10:30 or so last night until 9 this morning. I woke up disoriented, but rested, which is probably good since it's my first day without coffee. The first thing I noticed was that my knee was a mess. I ran 6ish miles outside yesterday and although it didn't hurt during the run, it was really tweaky the rest of the evening. This morning it felt like I had to overcome a spring to get it to bend, and it was puffy. I nixed running and found a walking workout to do instead. It felt pretty lame, but it actually got my heart rate up reasonably and I sweated. Mission accomplished. The leader said we did somewhere around 3 miles, so I'll take it.

Breakfast was weird. I am intent on using up the rest of my eggs so I mashed 3 of them with some mayo and olive tapenade. Then I had an apple, brown rice cereal and almond milk before leaving for work at noon or so.

I made a sort of meal plan for the rest of the day before I left for work. Since I'm not going to go home and eat dinner after working until almost midnight (so I can go to bed sort of early instead of being kept awake by digestion) I'm front loading my meals and breaking them up into snacks. The rest of the day looks like this:

Almonds/cashews and cantaloupe
Lentil soup (it has tomatoes in it)
Veggies and almond butter
Sunflower seeds
Chocolate chips

Surprisingly, this is the "correct" amount of calories for my day even though it doesn't seem like a lot. Almond butter and the other nuts and seeds are calorie dense, yo. Today's plan gets me a reasonable amount of protein (somewhere around 65 grams), and tons of fat, but is lacking in carbs. I'll work on that tomorrow. Also, obviously chocolate chips are not really on anyone's "good for your digestion" list, but they're delicious and make me happy, so until my house runs out of them, they're happening.

"Allergens" I'm eating today:
dairy (mayo and chocolate chips)
tiny amount of soy (soybean oil in soup)

Ones I'm not eating:

To be vague about my tummy, it's actually behaving well, except my stomach is grumbling. This could be progress. Or I could be in a caffeine withdrawal haze and just not know that I have raging heartburn.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Something's wrong with me

My mother would probably say a lot of things are wrong with me. But without going into too much detail, let's talk about my stomach and my digestion. Big picture: they're not ok. Since I have been an adult, I've had a touchy stomach. If I'm stressed out, it goes haywire, if I eat something unusual, it get weird, if I travel, it ceases to behave. Basically any deviation from "normal" eating and drink and everything goes to hell. But lately, it's been even worse. For the last month or 6 weeks or so, even with super normal food, everything predictable, working out 5 times a week, drinking lots of water, etc., I have been having terrible stomach pains and extra bad heartburn. I played Internet Doctor on myself and decided I probably have a sensitivity to something.

So what could it be? I ordered Bob's Red Mill Texturized Vegetable Protein (way yummier than it sounds/looks) a couple weeks ago and we've been eating it frequently. This means a huge increase in the amount of soy I eat- from once a week to 4 or 5 times a week (I've also been buying tofu more lately). The thing is, I cannot isolate the effects of this. A normal day, for example, includes:

Banana, eggs or yogurt, Cheerios for breakfast / Allergens/irritants: Wheat, eggs, dairy
Coffe / Irritants: caffeine
Veggies and some sort of soup or sandwich for lunch / Allergens/irritants: wheat
Tofu or TVP, noodles, sauce and possibly cheese for dinner / Allergens/irritants: soy, wheat, dairy
Ice cream for dessert / Allergens: dairy

I already knew dairy was a problem, and I can minimize it just fine. However, soy and eggs are both major protein sources for me, and cutting them out would be a challenge. It is also a challenge to deal with stomach pains and churning for most of my waking hours, so... elimination diet it is! The Internet, MD, has suggested a diet free of all allergenic foods for a few days, followed by one day of a "challenge food", then 4 days of no allergens, 1 day of challenge, etc. The list of hypoallergenic foods is pretty limited, but it's workable. The only things I'll miss majorly are eggs and wheat, but I hear rice noodles aren't terrible. My other protein will be from beans and lentils. For some reason peanuts are limited? And of course, no caffeine or alcohol. Blast.

The proper way to do this is to dive right in, start on a certain day and just do it. It'll shock your system and the first few days will be rough, but you'll eliminate everything in one fell swoop. That is how a normal, not super cheap person would go about it. I am not one of those people. I have 31 eggs in my fridge, a block of tofu, and 5 oranges. I also have around 6 dinners made with tomatoes, a couple packages of soy fake chicken, 3 frozen pizzas, and 12 or so lentil burgers with eggs. That frozen stuff will keep for a while, but I'm pretty worried that I won't be able to eat it in the future (because it turns out to aggravate my stomach issues) and it'll just sit forever until Nick eats his way through it. So instead of diving right in, I'm going to do a slow reduction in allergenic ingredients and wait to start for another week or so. I'll eat the perishable stuff between now and then (and drink all my beloved V8), while I cut out reduce caffeine (this is day 2 of just 1 cup a day instead of my normal 2 a day... afternoon sleepies are no fun). It's not like the weird diet will last forever and I need to get everything out of the house, pronto, but I do not want food going bad just because I'm limiting my food options for a month or so.

My baby steps: eat all the eggs in my house, eat the tofu, finish off the oranges while lessening caffeine. I figure that'll at least get the coffee detox pain out of the way before I have to abandon added sugar and the joy it brings to my life. This will be interesting.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January totals

If you check out my "Workout Log 2013" page, it's my lame attempt to log the stuff I do. I'm doing this mostly because I'm jealous of everyone who gets to say "I ran 1000 miles this year! Look at me!" and I get to say "I ran... indeterminate amount.. there were races..." Last year I had the goal of logging my running miles with the hope of getting to 1000 miles, and that never happened. I might have actually reached the mileage goal, but I have no way of knowing that. So here's the totals:

January totals: 66.62 miles, 13 times, plus 3 x elliptical, 3 x bike, 2 x swim, 3 x tabata

So that means I worked out 75% of the days in the month, and about half those workouts were running. Although that's super cool and a nice balance, it means I'm gonna miss the 1000 mile mark if I keep it up. Unacceptable. If I keep running just this much (I am well aware many people run this much in 1 week, much less 4 weeks. I am not trying to break any records here...), I'll get to about 800 miles for the year. And that's without factoring in the wedding and Brussels, which basically kill April completely. So. February- there will be more running. Even if it means back to back run days, because my foot has been surprisingly cooperative. 

1000 miles, here we go.

January (my foot hurt at the beginning of the month)
January 1: off
January 2: Run on treadmill. 30 minutes @ 6.8 plus 1 minute @ 8.0 and cooldown. 34 mins, 3.78 miles
January 3: Elliptical 30 mins (annoying dude lurking made me get off), strength
January 4: Run on treadmill, 33 minute @ 6.8 plus 1.5 @ 8.0 and cooldown. 38 minutes, 4.24 miles
January 5: off (we painted!)
January 6: off
January 7: Run on treadmill, 36 minutes @ 6.8 plus 2 @ 8.0 and cooldown. 41 minutes, 4.6 miles
January 8: 30 min stationary bike, somewhere around 10.5 miles with resistance
January 9: Run on treadmill (I need to get outside...) 39 minutes @ 6.8 plus 2.5 @ 8.0 and cooldown. 44.5 mins, 5.0 miles.
January 10: Random workout with Nick- Tabata, 8 minute abs, pushups, squats, tabata, and 20ish minute yoga.
January 11: Swim 2100, 37 minutes
January 12: off
January 13: Run on treadmill, 5 miles @ 6.7, 0.1 @ 8.0, then cooldown. 48.5 minutes, 5.35 miles
January 14: Treadmill. 0.5 warmup @ 6.3 then (0.3 @ 8.0, 0.2 @ 6.0) x 5 (to 3.5 miles) and 0.5 @ 8.0 to finish off 4 miles. Plus cooldown. 36:50, 4.25 miles
January 15: stationary bike 32 minutes then weight stuff. 12ish miles with resistance
January 16: Run on tmill, 4.5 @ 6.7, 0.5 @ 6.8, 0.2 @ 8.0 and cooldown. 49:13, 5.45 miles. Hard.
January 17: 20 minutes ( 5 rounds x 4 minutes) tabata with Nick and 20 mins yoga
January 18: Swim 2150, 40 minutes
January 19: Off
January 20: Run outside. 7.1 miles, 60 minutes
January 21: 40 mins elliptical and weights
January 22: 5 miles @ 6.8 plus 0.1 @ 8 and cooldown. 5.35 total, 47:52. Oddly, not too hard.
January 23: 21 minutes on the bike, medium resistance. Around 8 miles. then weight stuff
January 24: Run on treadmill, 6.0 @ 6.5 then cooldown. 58:25, 6.25 miles. Easy peasy.
January 25: Tabata with Nick- 20 minutes
January 26: 6.2 @ 6.5 and cooldown. 1:00:16, 6.45 miles. Easy.
January 27: off
January 28: run- 0.5 @ 6.5 warm up then (0.3 @ 8.0 + 0.1 @ 6.0) x 7 and cooldown. 29 minutes, 3.45 miles.
January 29: Elliptical 40 minutes, weights
January 30: off
January 31: 5.1 @ 6.8, 0.2 @ 8.0 and cooldown. 5.55 miles, 49:30

January totals: 66.62 miles, 13 times, plus 3 x elliptical, 3 x bike, 2 x swim, 3 x tabata