Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The off season

Although I did really well with training, and only hated the world about 80% of the time, I am still really looking forward to taking a step back and just doing what feels good for the next few months. I know that most likely means less running, but how much less is still to be determined. My runs last week were both (yes, both, I ran twice. and it was glorious) been 6 miles, and that felt perfect. Less than an hour of running, including cool down, but long enough to get some nice sweat going on.

Other things I want to add back in:
-Lifting! I had nice arms last year, and they slowly shrank to scrawny over the course of the summer. That's not ok. I'd love to get some definition happening again. Obviously, I won't be a powerlifter anytime soon, but I can definitely work on building back some strength. It's also just nice to feel like I'm capable of picking up things, when things need to be picked up.

I'm useful. Like picnic pants. Also, picnic pants are a great idea. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Biking. Indoors, obviously. I set up the trainer the other night and was reminded of the 800 reasons why biking inside is lame. Reasons #1 through 500: your body position never changes, so butt pain is basically unavoidable. Reasons #501: no way to tell how far you've gone. Reason # 502-800: boredom. My dad does these crazy bike workouts on Youtube that keep him from getting bored, but I'm not that motivated. I'd rather zone out and watch a movie (the other night was Little Miss Sunshine). My legs felt great and noodle-y after an hour on the trainer. It was a nice change from running.

-Swimming! Unfortunately, the pool is currently overrun by high school swim teams during the week, which makes this tricky, but Friday afternoons are open and it's a great way to unwind. Plus this will help with Project Have Better Arms

-Other things. Like going for a mini-hike with Nick. Or doing more HIIT stuff. Or finally finishing the remodel on our damn bathroom. Or just getting really, really caught up on TV watching. 

It feels weird to not have a plan, or something big looming. I don't even have any 5k's on the horizon. I'm trying to relax and just enjoy it, but my stupid need to do something will probably get overwhelming in the next month or so. And then I'll manically register for 10 races. Someone stop me if it comes to that.

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