Monday, December 23, 2013

Life outside of running

There is life aside from running, amazingly. (running summary: I've been haphazardly chugging along the last couple weeks, using my $600 treadmill for all it's worth) Nick and I started remodeling our bathroom a few months ago. Yes, months. You know what's fun? Ripping stuff out of a crummy room and envisioning what the "after" will look like. You know what's not fun? Doing the actual work to create an "after." So we've been taking it pretty slow. 

We started with a pretty bleh room. There was not that was totally awful about it, but the whole thing taken together was unpleasant. The picture below was taken after I removed the wallpaper border in a fit of rage sometime last winter. Friends don't let friends hang wallpaper borders.

The before from May: walls painted with a, I kid you not, bear-shaped sponge, moderate mold, super gross linoleum. Also, I do NOT miss that awkward length of hair.

We then took a bit of a break. We're lucky because we have 2 full bathrooms and can take all the time in the world doing all these steps. I would occasionally get frustrated and want to just finish the damn thing already, but then momentum (or lack thereof) would get the best of me, and I wouldn't do anything. Then Nick and I painted quickly, over the course of about a week including a million touch ups, in November. Then we took a break, because the next step was daunting... 

The middle:  lots of painting happened, and now Nick grouting the cement board seams

The wall is kind of a medium gray, although in my mind it's kind of blue, like this color. The subfloor below the linoleum was solid wood, which was nice but apparently you can't lay tile directly on it. We got cement board and Nick cut it to fit all the weird nooks and crannies in the room. Then my dad and Nick spent a day laying out tile and cutting small pieces to fit. The next step was to slap down some grout and lock the tiles in. This is easier said than done, and Nick and I were not really looking forward to it. We bought "sheets" of smaller tiles, connected in a 6 x 6 sheet. I guess that made it easier overall, but it meant instead of dealing with large tiles with small pieces cut out of the them, we had lots of tiny tiles bits cut to fit specific areas. There was a large amount of frustration, but Nick completed the (first step) of the tile this weekend.

After-ish: tile is laid!

It looks dirty because omg, mortar everywhere. It is such a messy task. I vacuumed twice afterward (the bathroom is small, so vacuuming was pretty much my largest contribution.. Nick did great mostly by himself!) and the floors still felt gritty. There will be even more grit to come when we put in grout (which will be white and get rid of the mungy look). I am so proud of Nick and excited for the next steps. I would say we'll get it done during vacation time this weekend but we also just discovered Once Upon a Time on Netflix, which is surprisingly addictive, so that might win out. As I said, we're not in any rush. It might be nice to let the feelings of frustration fade a little before we get into another new step. 

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