Monday, November 18, 2013

NCR Marathon: Peak week 2

Kidding. Not a peak week at all! This week's plan was "Week of November 11: and now taper begins. Again. Total mileage: 35ish." I wrote that plan 4 weeks ago, when I was thinking I'd want a 3 week taper. When I wrote last week, I wanted this week to be another peak week. I really did.  I wanted the confidence boost of another 20 miler and a long tempo, but after lots of hemming and hawing, I thought back to the Steamtown, and decided my best bet was to step back this week. At least a little. A general guideline is to have taper week 1 be~ 80% of your peak mileage. I went for 85%. Look at me with the indecisiveness. 

Victories: Running! Swimming! 

Failures:  treadmill. Whatever. This week was weird and stressful and I got my runs in. Daylight savings is still screwing my schedule up and I currently don't care enough to drive myself 30 minutes each way to a trail or run next to 10 freshly dead deer every damn day.

Monday: off

Tuesday: tmill 6.35 miles. I fought the couch hard on this one, and won. Legs felt fresh!
Wednesday: swimming! Yay! ~2100 m (lost count) in 41 minutes. 
Thursday:  1 @ 6.2, 4.1 @ 7.7, 1 @ 6.7 plus c/d. Tmill. 6.35
Friday: 6.3 on tmill @ 6.9 and 7.1
Saturday: off
Sunday: 15.7ish on tmill

Totals: 34.7 miles run,  2100 m swim

This weekend's long run is a sort of random number. I was going for 16, but we had somewhere to be and I screwed around and delayed my run too much, so I got 15.5. Close enough, and considering the race is only 12 days away, I think it was an alright number. Also, my stomach was pretty great.

Considering my long runs the last 4 weeks before Steamtown were 13 @ 9:38, 20 @ 9:01, 10 @ 8:52, and nothing (we were traveling), I'm feeling great. I think. This marathon around, it'll be 18 @ 8:56, 20 @ 8:42, 15 @ 8:something, and whatever I do next weekend. I'm ok. It'll be ok. Somehow.

Am I feeling sprightly and ready to run 8 seconds/mile faster in 12 days? Absolutely not. I'm feeling a little taper crazy already, and just entirely not ready. But that's normal, right? 

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