Monday, November 11, 2013

NCR Marathon- Peak Week 1

This week's plan was "Week of November 4: same as last week, but even more miles! Total mileage: 40ish." I wanted to make this my (first) peak week, and have it look like my peak week for Steamtown. Because I wanted everything to be as identical to Steamtown as possible. Oh except I have decided to do a 2 week taper instead of 3 weeks. Why? Because I am feeling some self-doubt (see Friday's post) and I'll take 1 more week of training to help steel my confidence a little more. I am not sure it's the very best choice for me, considering I went into Steamtown feeling fresh as a daisy and antsy to run, but I also felt fresh and antsy the weekend before that race, so... 

Victories: Comfortable, even-paced long run on a trail similar to what I'll be on at the end of the month. Lots of miles this week. 

Failures: Treadmill. Treadmill. Treadmill. I know I've professed my love for it, but I hate to rely on it for half my runs. At least I got outside for my long run!  

Monday: off

Tuesday: tmill 7.35 miles. It gets dark early.
Wednesday: bike 19.35 @ 18.2
Thursday: tmill 7.35- 1 @ 6.1, 5.1 @ 7.7, 1 @ 6.7 plus c/d
Friday: 6.35 outside by my parents' house, 8:05
Saturday: off
Sunday: 20.1 @ 8:42

Totals: 41.1 miles run,  19.35 miles bike

Long run minutiae (I'm really trying to figure out meal timing/my stomach): Saturday night we went to a housewarming party and I snacked on veggies, and some chips/salsa/hummus. I also snacked on cupcakes. Except I DIDN'T, because apparently I learned self-control sometime last week. Only took me 28.2 years to learn that. Instead, I waited to gorge myself on Indian food at a proper dinner (paneer, why must you be so perfect? I'll take every stomachache forever... so yummy). Had a decent amount of food around 8:30pm, then came home and had dessert, and slept 9 hours. Glorious. In the morning (10am) I had eggs, banana and toast, then an apple and some date/coconut/almond bites at around 12. And tons of water.

I had planned on leaving for my run by 1:30, because that was the latest I could possibly leave and be done by 5pm when the sun sets. Around 1:00 I started to get everything together and realized my watch was completely dead. I could not handle that (I'm a data junkie). Instead of throwing up my hands and quitting everything, or hopping on the treadmill, I plugged in my watch and busied myself around the house for the next 30 minutes while the watch got a decent charge. I ended up leaving the house at almost 2pm, which was late, but I was determined to make it work. And I did. I drank my Gatorade every 2 miles plus Gu 15 minutes before and then every 5 miles. I just chugged along and let my legs go a little faster than I normally do on a long run. My pace stayed very consistent (8:30-8:48 for miles 1-16) and then slowed a little the last 4. I felt good overall and after I got back to the car I took a moment to reflect on what I had done. My body is getting (relatively) good  at running distances like this. It's unreal. I just go out and ask my legs to churn out 20 miles, and they do. I'm so proud of what I'm capable of doing. And now I'm crying. Ugh. Stupid emotions. 19 days till NCR!

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