Monday, November 25, 2013

NCR marathon- one week out

This week's plan was just to get in a few more miles, one speed workout, and a short-ish long run. Check, check, check. 

Victories: It's taper! Eating breakfast is a victory. 

Failures:  legs are going crazy. Lots of treadmill. Questioning all my life decisions.

Monday: off

Tuesday: tmill 5.35 miles. not the most fun run.
Wednesday: pool was overrun by high school swim teams, so I did 45ish minutes of intervals at home. 
Thursday: tmill- 1@ 6.1, 3.1 @ 7.8 (ah! fast!), 1 @ 6.8 plus c/d, 5.35 total
Friday: 5.3 on the tmill
Saturday: 8.6ish in 8:40ish. Watch was being dumb.
Sunday: Off!

Totals: 24.6 miles run,  1 HIIT

My long run was a comedy of errors. I slammed some toast and a banana before leaving the house, and my stomach wasn't totally settled, but I was on a clock so I went for it. My watch wigged out and reset in the middle of the run and was generally being irritating. It was cold (~43 when I started), breezy, and sunny, and I kept getting buffeted by more wind when cars passed. My phone was misbehaving too. It was basically all the most frustrating things that can happen on a run, all bundled up into one run. The stomach and cold issues will be present at NCR, so I should be used to them. Speaking of cold, the Runner's World "What to Wear" tool is silly. If I plug in the likely temperatures at the start of the race, it says I need tights, a jacket, gloves and a hat. If I put in the temps toward the end of the race, it gives me short sleeves and shorts. NOT HELPFUL.

Here's what the rest of my weekend held:

Christmas shopping! Pretty watches. 

bathroom remodeling... I held the bucket while Nick put grout on the cement board. I'm so excited for the bathroom to be back together soon!

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