Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#BWorbust: 2.5 weeks out

It's getting real, folks.
nerd joke. 

Goal: don't be dumb. Show some restraint.

I hesitate to say I'm actually making progress with this, but this weekend I only had dairy (paneer) and gluten (naan). And booze, but that was gluten free! As a result, I began this week feeling like a normal human being instead of a blimp. Also, I got a new boss and this new one doesn't have a candy jar, so my mid-day snacks will be far less likely to consist of Reese's pumpkins. It's like my company doesn't want me to gain crazy taper weight and waddle through the marathon. 

Goal: go to bed a little earlier. Don't stress about not falling asleep in 0.2 seconds like someone (ahem, Nick) does.

Eh. I can't say I've really changed at this, but I think we might have tacked another 10 or 15 minutes onto bedtime this week. Progress! I have to thank Nick for this too, since he has been extra-willing to go to bed at 9pm. He's the best.

Goal: stretch well after every run. Foam roll 3x/week

Sort of? After my long run this weekend I jumped in the car, no stretching, and drove 30 minutes home. I didn't even have any water because the water fountains at the trail were turned off (for the winter season?) and I had forgotten to bring extra for myself. I did foam roll later, and I think most stretching is just a placebo, but it's still a nice habit to have. I'll work on this.

Goal: stuff will happen that will stress me out. Try and relax. Try not to take stupid stuff at work personally, and really unwind when I'm at home.

Eh, again. There's some upheaval going on at work and it's been irritating, and far too often I find myself fuming with rage by the time I come home. That's not healthy. I'm lucky I can vent about work to Nick and he knows what I'm talking about (we work at the same company). I just need to finish my venting feeling relieved, not still feeling irritated. 

Strength training 
Goal: planks regularly, plus a little extra strength work for funsies.

Yup. No HIIT this week or last, but sneaking in as much "strength" as possible. Just trying to maintain some degree of fitness.

Goal: 2x/day, every day

Yes? Ish? Again, I don't have an indicator of this. I should get one of these: 

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