Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#BQorbust: 4 weeks out

First of all, why am I using a hashtag in my title? Did I suddenly start using any sort of social media where hashtags are involved? Nope. Just wanted to fit in with the cool kids, and nothing does that more than a self-determined slogan with a pound sign in front of it.

Here's how non-running stuff that directly influences my running has been going.

Goal: don't be dumb. Show some restraint.

Nope. Nope nope nope. During the week I do alright (even with a million types of very tempting Halloween candy all around), it's on the weekends I tend to say to hell with it, and eat whatever. This weekend I did that, sort of. I went to Punkin Chunkin on Saturday. I took a bunch of me-friendly snacks and got some fries but when I got home, I was pretty much like this:
if you know what this is from, you can be my friend. If not, you're probably a well-adjusted human being. But we can't be friends.

By the time we got home, I was pissed at myself for eating "too much," (my calories are stupid low on days I don't work out) and might have been buzzed from lots of cider and not a lot of food, so Nick and I got pizza. And I had a cupcake. On Sunday, we still had another couple cupcakes left, PLUS half a pizza. That pizza won't just eat itself! So I had more. I also ate some of Nick's pancakes at breakfast because I was doing a long run later. And therefore I should totally eat all the carbs. Ugh.

Summary: I suck at this, and I pay for it. I give up.

Goal: go to bed a little earlier. Don't stress about not falling asleep in 0.2 seconds like someone (ahem, Nick) does.

This.. yeah. I still like to lay in bed, just thinking about how many hours of sleep I'd be getting if I feel asleep right now. How about now? And now? Still awake? How about now? This is a problem I've had all my life, and I don't know how to change it. I'm just doing my best. When I was young, my dad said that even laying down and resting is beneficial, even if you can't sleep. There might not be science behind that, but I've always believed it. So even if I'm not sleeping, I'm still resting, damnit.

Goal: stretch well after every run. Foam roll 3x/week

Yes! I actually love/hate my foam roller, and I think I can actually feel a difference when I use it, so I have been doing well with this. Same with stretching. Any excuse to be totally stationary after running hard is welcomed!

Goal: stuff will happen that will stress me out. Try and relax. Try not to take stupid stuff at work personally, and really unwind when I'm at home.

Um. I don't know. I think if I don't have legitimate stress in my life, my life forms a weird stress vacuum and it gets filled with other stupid stuff to worry about. I'm basically at 50% freaked out at all times. I'm an anxious person. I will continue to be mindful of this.

Strength training 
Goal: planks regularly, plus a little extra strength work for funsies.

Eh. I did HIIT this week, which is strength, and did planks a couple times. I didn't want to do anything over the top or unusual, just keep on chugging and keep my body overall in ok shape for the next month.

Goal: 2x/day, every day

Maybe? I don't have any indicators of when I do/don't take it, because I don't have a pill bottle where I can count and see if I've taken all the doses for the day/week. I should probably figure that out. Regardless, my running has been going really well, so by that indicator, I'm doing ok. Just need to keep on it. 

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