Saturday, October 12, 2013

Packing list for race weekend!

There are tons of people who make good packing lists for races that they'll be traveling to. They're probably all way more experienced than me, but here's my super detailed list. We'll be heading to Pennsylvania in the morning on Saturday (Race Day Eve), so we'll only be away from home for about 30 hours. However, these 30 hours are kind of important.

I realize this definitely falls under "things that are too boring to put on the Internet" but... doing it anyway. Also, runners are not allowed to carry any bags that are not clear (transparent) so all the stuff I need for race day will need to be lugged around by my dearest Nick.

(wear) Comfy clothes for expo
(wear) Comfy shoes for expo

Carb-y snacks (tortilla chips, apple)

Contact stuff

Phone charger
Everything Steamtown has ever sent me
Water bottle to keep refilling

Sunday Part 1
Race accessories:
Garmin charger
Superglue in case Garmin breaks
Bobby pins

Race clothes:
Sports Bra
Long sleeve
Short sleeve
Shoes (I have not decided which shoes...)
Sweatshirt to give to Nick
Pants to give to Nick

Breakfast: banana, eggs, Rice Chex
Gus: 1 pre, 1 for mile 5, 10, 15, 20, and maybe one for luck if I can figure out where on my body to put it (I'm not wearing a hydration belt or anything)

Sunday Part 2
Change of clothes

Protein powder to mix with water, probably more chips

So. As far as race plans go. Assume I'm shooting for a super optimistic 3:45. That's an 8:35 mile. Since I'm much more likely to run a positive split than a negative one, let's assume  I start out at that speed.

Mile 1-5: 8:30ish
I assume I'll run the first 1 or 2 miles a wee bit fast due to excitement and people dodging.

Mile 6-10: 8:35ish
Keep maintaining.

Mile 10-13.1:
 My goal is to hit the halfway point at 1:50, plus or minus 2 minutes. That will give me a nice even split for the first and second half, at the very least, or a slightly positive split if I am a little speedy in the first half.

Mile 13.1-20: please oh please let them be around 8:35
CONSISTENCY. Just keep on trucking. Considering I've done 2 x 20 milers, this shouldn't be a huge stretch mentally or physically *famous last words*

Mile 20-end
Hang on to whoever is near me and make them drag me. A willing police horse would be amazing at this point. Or a bulldozer, assuming the driver is flooring it. Basically, I'm certain most glaciers will be moving faster than me at this point.

Finish time: 3:45 OR DIE.

I post on the Runner's World forums semi-regularly and one of the guys on there was gunning for a 3:45 but started with the 3:35 guys as a pipe dream during a race last weekend. He hung on and was on track for a great, triumphant finish, until mile 18 or so. And then he basically laid down on the course. His legs literally stopped working (and I mean that, literally)

Sooooo anyway. I'm super concerned my body will just completely shut down at mile 2X (or earlier) and I'll have to crawl. The wall is real, guys, and it's not pretty. I am fairly sure I hit it around mile 17 during Richmond last year. Nick and I were chugging along A-OK and then we sorta lost the 4:00 pace group and then I gave up on everything and my body shut down. Granted, we only positive split by about 4 minutes, but that was still not a fun experience. So I'm slightly (read: incredibly) worried that I'll start out too optimistically and then crash and burn. But a girl can dream.

So. That's the plan. Now... we execute. The plan. And anyone who gets in my way

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