Thursday, October 24, 2013

New marathon, new plan!

I have just about 6 weeks until marathon #2 of the year. It's 2013, the year I lose my mind from distance running. Excellent.
So many giggles. Really, all of the facial expressions in this picture are amazing. 

6 weeks is not a lot of time, and I need to re-taper. And I'm barely recovered. And it's getting colder out. And.. this is not a productive thought process. I sat down and tried to make a detailed running plan yesterday. Spreadsheets were involved. It was overwhelming because all of a sudden I'm staring at another 20 miler, along with all the pressure of those last few weeks of marathon training. I decided instead to keep these weeks fairly unstructured. I'm going to try and stick to the same plan I ran before Steamtown, which was 4 days a week and included one day of speedwork and 1 long run. I maxed out at about 40 mpw. That clearly worked, so just repeating those last 4 weeks of training (not 6, because this week and next are still loose "recovery" weeks, although next week I'll be building back in) sounded like a decent plan. Also, I don't plan on tapering quite as aggressively the first week of taper. Here's what that looks like:

This week: continue to keep it easy, but add more miles. Total mileage: 25ish
Week of October 28: add a day of speedwork, a day of HIIT, and even more miles! Total mileage: 30ish
Week of November 4: same as last week, but even more miles! Total mileage: 40ish
Week of November 11: and now taper begins. Again. Total mileage: 35ish
Week of November 18: taper taper. Total mileage: 25ish
Week of November 25: Thanksgiving! I mean... marathon week. I'm definitely not equally excited about both of those things. 

Something that was recommended on the Runner's World forums was ensuring I get in some VO2 max workouts before the NCR race. Since I like to live my life by listening to strangers on the Internet, I said "Training suggestion!? Go on..." and got some advice to do mile repeats at 5K pace. That's not groundbreaking. I already did some mile repeat workouts throughout training, now I'll just do those again. But FASTER. 

This is going to be fun. 37 days.  

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