Monday, October 28, 2013

NCR Trail Training Week Somethingorother

This week was about easing back into training and seeing how recovery feels on my legs. Last week, I ran a few times but maxed out at 3 miles. This week, I wanted to up the mileage but keep everything on the easy side.... well, life happened, and this week was a bit of a struggle fitting things in. Mostly because getting up and running before work is HARD and I am LAZY.
So true. I know if I'm in an unusual hurry to change into PJ's/any pants without buttons when I get home, my life is headed in the wrong direction.

Victories: I'm running!
Failures: Inconsistency. Taking 2 days in a row off for no other reason than being kinda busy makes me feel like a big ol' loser.

Monday: tmill, 4 miles slowish, plus c/d 4.25 total
Tuesday: off- we went and bought Nick a car!
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5.25 outside @ 8:05 (who am I, again?)
Friday: tmill 6.0 plus c/d. Slow and unpleasant. 6.25 total
Saturday: off
Sunday: tmill 10 @ 6.6ish plus c/d. 10.25 total

Totals: 26 miles running, no cross training

If you look at my plan for this week, this was right on target. I ran 4 times (could have used some more cross training...) and got in the miles I wanted. My legs feel mostly good, just a few little tweaky pains here and there. My 10 miler on Sunday felt like I was flying, so that is good. I did the bulk of the miles at 6.6 and added in fast sections for the last 0.1 of each mile. I ran on the treadmill, but for this marathon, hill training is not of utmost importance. It's nice and flat. Oh yeah, laziness = excused.

One worry if I get reliant on the treadmill again (and watching New Girl. that show is hilarious and I'm sad I've waited this long to watch it!) is not figuring out cold weather long run logistics. On my Thursday run, it was about 50 degrees when I started. I wore shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a lightweight, reflective Brooks jacket. I got pretty toasty after the first mile or so. The jacket was too much. If I want to completely predict the future, it looks like a high of 50 on race day is the average, but it'll be mighty cold at the start. So I'll need a little extra clothing at the start, but I won't want to hang onto it all race. And I almost definitely don't want to wear running tights. I really need to figure out the Gu storage/short/tights/jacket situation in these next few weeks.

One more detail about race day logistics- I've always done long runs with swigs of Gatorade every 2 miles, because most races have aid stations approximately that far apart. I get a little thirsty by the end of the run, but I take in about 22 oz. over the course of 3 hours. During the NCR race, there will only be water/Gatorade stops every 3-3.5 miles. What if I die of dehydration?
There, there, Julianne Moore. PS I found this by googling "overdramatic crying." She was on the results page quite a few times. What a thing to be known for.

But seriously. This throws a wrench in my plans. I might actually have to carry water during the race, as much as I detest that thought. The one plus side to that is I was also planning on carrying my phone so I'd have music during the race, and I only ever carry my phone during long runs, so I needed a way to carry it anyway. Water bottle carrier to the rescue!
So much better. And you'll get fewer unattractive forehead wrinkles if you just cry less (although she's still aging beautifully, even with all her theatrics). PS again, I found this by googling "happy Julianne Moore" and there were way fewer results. Interesting.

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