Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#BQorbust game plan: 5 weeks out

Aside from just the running itself, I'm trying to focus on other parts of my life to maximize the likelihood I'll accomplish this little goal of mine. Here's those other areas.

Food: Don't be dumb, Laurel.

I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know that day after day of little bits of things that don't work (tofu here, frozen yogurt there, bread all over the place) add up and I end up feeling like death by day 3 or so. And then it's several days for me to recover, that is, unless I just continue eating terribly. I blame part of my tummy issues during Steamtown on not being a stickler about my eats the week prior, particularly the day before (indianfoodcheesesandwichdonut). NCR is the week of Thanksgiving, so that presents a high likelihood of temptations. I'm going to be sure to make some sort of delicious me-friendly main dish and dessert so I can feel like I'm having proper Thanksgiving, but not tear my tummy up 2 days before the race.

Sleep: Initiating the getting ready for bed process 20 minutes before I want to be asleep doesn't work. That should be something I've learned by age 28, but nope. I need to shift back "bedtime" a little bit so there's still time to chat with Nick and get relaxed before I start stressing about not being asleep. 10 more minutes, that's all I need.

Foam-rolling/Stretching: If my choices are 10 more minutes to get ready to leave the house, or 10 minutes of cool down and stretching, I always choose grooming. No one actually cares if my eyebrows are perfect (right? please tell me the world isn't concerned with my eyebrows), so I can forgo those 10 minutes of staring at myself and maybe take better care of my legs. And at night, even when  the couch is oh so comfy (the most recent season of How I Met Your Mother is on Netflix! Christmas came early), I can sacrifice a few minutes to worship a the altar of foam roller.
This is actually the least stupid image search result for "foam roller meme." Oh, Internet.

Stress: I had a really bad work week leading up to Steamtown. Actually, 2 really bad weeks. I was up early, stayed late, and generally didn't relax. I would like less of that this time around. Although I don't have control over this, I can try and handle the things that come up as well as possible, and just chill out more.

Strength training: bad posture = bad running = slowpoke. I don't want to suddenly start new strength training, but I will be continuing regular planking and ab work, plus the mild upper body stuff I've been doing all summer. My posture never felt like it broke down during my last race (although my shoulders hurt like crazy the next day) and I'd like that to be the case for NCR again.

Iron: Take it religiously. Even if my levels are good (I haven't been testing in a couple months so I have no idea), maintaining them for the next month requires a little more diligence than I've been putting in. Twice a day, even if one of the doses isn't optimally timed, is better than nothing.

I'm not doing anything ground-breaking, but getting some light goals out there in order to keep myself sort of accountable will only be helpful in the long run. Pun intended, because my sense of humor is dumb.

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