Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And so it begins... again.

How's this for an elevation map?

I signed up for the NCR Trail marathon. It's in just 6 weeks, and it feels...soon. Hal Higdon has some plans for marathons in close succession, and there's also lots of information in blogland regarding running races back-to-back. Right now I'm just taking it all in. The most common idea is doing a "reverse taper" where you work yourself back up into mileage. That sounds delightful to me, because although my legs feel great, I'm pretty sure they're not ready for 40 miles per week again. And the thought of mile repeats right now makes me cry. 

So what's the plan for these 6 weeks? Not sure yet. I'm still researching and I'll craft something in the next week or so. Or I'll just wing it and act surprised when it goes poorly. 
Wha happened?

About that training, this was what last week looked like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: tmill 3.1 @ 6.0 plus c/d. 3.25 total
Wednesday: bike 19.5 @ 18.7
Thursday: 3.2ish watchless miles
Friday: 3.1 @ 8:10. Shouldn't have worn watch. Too fast!!!!
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

Totals: 9.4 miles. Oh yeah. Not quite a zero week but still pretty relaxed. 

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