Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#BQorbust game plan: 5 weeks out

Aside from just the running itself, I'm trying to focus on other parts of my life to maximize the likelihood I'll accomplish this little goal of mine. Here's those other areas.

Food: Don't be dumb, Laurel.

I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know that day after day of little bits of things that don't work (tofu here, frozen yogurt there, bread all over the place) add up and I end up feeling like death by day 3 or so. And then it's several days for me to recover, that is, unless I just continue eating terribly. I blame part of my tummy issues during Steamtown on not being a stickler about my eats the week prior, particularly the day before (indianfoodcheesesandwichdonut). NCR is the week of Thanksgiving, so that presents a high likelihood of temptations. I'm going to be sure to make some sort of delicious me-friendly main dish and dessert so I can feel like I'm having proper Thanksgiving, but not tear my tummy up 2 days before the race.

Sleep: Initiating the getting ready for bed process 20 minutes before I want to be asleep doesn't work. That should be something I've learned by age 28, but nope. I need to shift back "bedtime" a little bit so there's still time to chat with Nick and get relaxed before I start stressing about not being asleep. 10 more minutes, that's all I need.

Foam-rolling/Stretching: If my choices are 10 more minutes to get ready to leave the house, or 10 minutes of cool down and stretching, I always choose grooming. No one actually cares if my eyebrows are perfect (right? please tell me the world isn't concerned with my eyebrows), so I can forgo those 10 minutes of staring at myself and maybe take better care of my legs. And at night, even when  the couch is oh so comfy (the most recent season of How I Met Your Mother is on Netflix! Christmas came early), I can sacrifice a few minutes to worship a the altar of foam roller.
This is actually the least stupid image search result for "foam roller meme." Oh, Internet.

Stress: I had a really bad work week leading up to Steamtown. Actually, 2 really bad weeks. I was up early, stayed late, and generally didn't relax. I would like less of that this time around. Although I don't have control over this, I can try and handle the things that come up as well as possible, and just chill out more.

Strength training: bad posture = bad running = slowpoke. I don't want to suddenly start new strength training, but I will be continuing regular planking and ab work, plus the mild upper body stuff I've been doing all summer. My posture never felt like it broke down during my last race (although my shoulders hurt like crazy the next day) and I'd like that to be the case for NCR again.

Iron: Take it religiously. Even if my levels are good (I haven't been testing in a couple months so I have no idea), maintaining them for the next month requires a little more diligence than I've been putting in. Twice a day, even if one of the doses isn't optimally timed, is better than nothing.

I'm not doing anything ground-breaking, but getting some light goals out there in order to keep myself sort of accountable will only be helpful in the long run. Pun intended, because my sense of humor is dumb.

Monday, October 28, 2013

NCR Trail Training Week Somethingorother

This week was about easing back into training and seeing how recovery feels on my legs. Last week, I ran a few times but maxed out at 3 miles. This week, I wanted to up the mileage but keep everything on the easy side.... well, life happened, and this week was a bit of a struggle fitting things in. Mostly because getting up and running before work is HARD and I am LAZY.
So true. I know if I'm in an unusual hurry to change into PJ's/any pants without buttons when I get home, my life is headed in the wrong direction.

Victories: I'm running!
Failures: Inconsistency. Taking 2 days in a row off for no other reason than being kinda busy makes me feel like a big ol' loser.

Monday: tmill, 4 miles slowish, plus c/d 4.25 total
Tuesday: off- we went and bought Nick a car!
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5.25 outside @ 8:05 (who am I, again?)
Friday: tmill 6.0 plus c/d. Slow and unpleasant. 6.25 total
Saturday: off
Sunday: tmill 10 @ 6.6ish plus c/d. 10.25 total

Totals: 26 miles running, no cross training

If you look at my plan for this week, this was right on target. I ran 4 times (could have used some more cross training...) and got in the miles I wanted. My legs feel mostly good, just a few little tweaky pains here and there. My 10 miler on Sunday felt like I was flying, so that is good. I did the bulk of the miles at 6.6 and added in fast sections for the last 0.1 of each mile. I ran on the treadmill, but for this marathon, hill training is not of utmost importance. It's nice and flat. Oh yeah, laziness = excused.

One worry if I get reliant on the treadmill again (and watching New Girl. that show is hilarious and I'm sad I've waited this long to watch it!) is not figuring out cold weather long run logistics. On my Thursday run, it was about 50 degrees when I started. I wore shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a lightweight, reflective Brooks jacket. I got pretty toasty after the first mile or so. The jacket was too much. If I want to completely predict the future, it looks like a high of 50 on race day is the average, but it'll be mighty cold at the start. So I'll need a little extra clothing at the start, but I won't want to hang onto it all race. And I almost definitely don't want to wear running tights. I really need to figure out the Gu storage/short/tights/jacket situation in these next few weeks.

One more detail about race day logistics- I've always done long runs with swigs of Gatorade every 2 miles, because most races have aid stations approximately that far apart. I get a little thirsty by the end of the run, but I take in about 22 oz. over the course of 3 hours. During the NCR race, there will only be water/Gatorade stops every 3-3.5 miles. What if I die of dehydration?
There, there, Julianne Moore. PS I found this by googling "overdramatic crying." She was on the results page quite a few times. What a thing to be known for.

But seriously. This throws a wrench in my plans. I might actually have to carry water during the race, as much as I detest that thought. The one plus side to that is I was also planning on carrying my phone so I'd have music during the race, and I only ever carry my phone during long runs, so I needed a way to carry it anyway. Water bottle carrier to the rescue!
So much better. And you'll get fewer unattractive forehead wrinkles if you just cry less (although she's still aging beautifully, even with all her theatrics). PS again, I found this by googling "happy Julianne Moore" and there were way fewer results. Interesting.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New marathon, new plan!

I have just about 6 weeks until marathon #2 of the year. It's 2013, the year I lose my mind from distance running. Excellent.
So many giggles. Really, all of the facial expressions in this picture are amazing. 

6 weeks is not a lot of time, and I need to re-taper. And I'm barely recovered. And it's getting colder out. And.. this is not a productive thought process. I sat down and tried to make a detailed running plan yesterday. Spreadsheets were involved. It was overwhelming because all of a sudden I'm staring at another 20 miler, along with all the pressure of those last few weeks of marathon training. I decided instead to keep these weeks fairly unstructured. I'm going to try and stick to the same plan I ran before Steamtown, which was 4 days a week and included one day of speedwork and 1 long run. I maxed out at about 40 mpw. That clearly worked, so just repeating those last 4 weeks of training (not 6, because this week and next are still loose "recovery" weeks, although next week I'll be building back in) sounded like a decent plan. Also, I don't plan on tapering quite as aggressively the first week of taper. Here's what that looks like:

This week: continue to keep it easy, but add more miles. Total mileage: 25ish
Week of October 28: add a day of speedwork, a day of HIIT, and even more miles! Total mileage: 30ish
Week of November 4: same as last week, but even more miles! Total mileage: 40ish
Week of November 11: and now taper begins. Again. Total mileage: 35ish
Week of November 18: taper taper. Total mileage: 25ish
Week of November 25: Thanksgiving! I mean... marathon week. I'm definitely not equally excited about both of those things. 

Something that was recommended on the Runner's World forums was ensuring I get in some VO2 max workouts before the NCR race. Since I like to live my life by listening to strangers on the Internet, I said "Training suggestion!? Go on..." and got some advice to do mile repeats at 5K pace. That's not groundbreaking. I already did some mile repeat workouts throughout training, now I'll just do those again. But FASTER. 

This is going to be fun. 37 days.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And so it begins... again.

How's this for an elevation map?

I signed up for the NCR Trail marathon. It's in just 6 weeks, and it feels...soon. Hal Higdon has some plans for marathons in close succession, and there's also lots of information in blogland regarding running races back-to-back. Right now I'm just taking it all in. The most common idea is doing a "reverse taper" where you work yourself back up into mileage. That sounds delightful to me, because although my legs feel great, I'm pretty sure they're not ready for 40 miles per week again. And the thought of mile repeats right now makes me cry. 

So what's the plan for these 6 weeks? Not sure yet. I'm still researching and I'll craft something in the next week or so. Or I'll just wing it and act surprised when it goes poorly. 
Wha happened?

About that training, this was what last week looked like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: tmill 3.1 @ 6.0 plus c/d. 3.25 total
Wednesday: bike 19.5 @ 18.7
Thursday: 3.2ish watchless miles
Friday: 3.1 @ 8:10. Shouldn't have worn watch. Too fast!!!!
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

Totals: 9.4 miles. Oh yeah. Not quite a zero week but still pretty relaxed. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Post-marathon: what now?

I have a big old BQ-shaped hole in my life. I finished Steamtown feeling so good, and never really felt like I was digging deep during the race. This isn't because I have superhuman mental strength, I just believe I didn't run to the limit of my abilities. I stopped twice for potty breaks and I think I probably ran extra-conservatively before those breaks because I was uncomfortable. So. 3:37:58 is SO CLOSE to being sub 3:35 (my BQ time) that I can't help but wonder if I have a BQ in me. This year. In a few weeks. I've poked around on the RW Forums to ask what other people think, and while some people are adamant about running one marathon and then decompressing and coming back stronger next year, others said that now could be a really good time to take advantage of my current fitness and run again, maybe faster.

Steamtown was a big net downhill, of course, and if you look at my splits that is reflected in the early ones being unusually speedy. I ran a sub-8 minute mile in a marathon? Who am I? But even factoring that in, I took 2 bathroom breaks (maybe 1 minute each time, I didn't check my watch) and I was comfortable the whole time. Comfortable. In a marathon! Madness! My only issues were tight calves and mild discomfort in my left foot. And ridiculous chafing in my armpits because I wore a new top and didn't use Bodyglide. But if that's the worst I can say after 26.2 miles, I'm really, really happy. I told myself I'd wait a week and see how my body felt, and then see if signing up for another race sort of soon felt like a good idea.

Races I'm considering:

NCR Trail Marathon (11/30- 6 weeks away)
I never really considered this race when I saw it on marathon lists because it had the word "Trail" in it. And trails are scary, technical things that I have no business running on. However, it was suggested to me to look at and I did and it turns out the trail is actually a rail trail, like the one I usually run on for my long runs. It is packed gravel, and runners say that it's nice and flat, so it would be doable for me. It takes place a little less than 2 hours from my house too, which is awesomely convenient. This race has a couple downsides though. The first is, it's Thanksgiving weekend. Although the opportunities to carb load are many, this would also interfere with our normal T-giving celebration with Nick's family. Second, it's a small race. Like 500 runners small. There will be no bands or cheering fans, it'll be me vs. my thoughts for 215 minutes or less. That's daunting to me. Although Steamtown was sort of small, there were a lot of spectators to liven it up, and there was a lot of scenery, plus other runners to look at and distract me. I worry that mental toughness would play a big part in this.

Major plus: If the field looks like it did last year, and I BQ'ed, I'd place in my age group. At a freaking marathon. How cool would that be? I'd never shut up.

Palm Beaches Marathon (12/8 - 7 weeks away)
Florida?! Yes, Florida. In December. Sounds like the obvious choice, right? Well, yes and no. This race starts about an hour from Nick's dad's house, which is very convenient. But we'd first have to drive 13 hours to get there, and 13 hours back. Plus, the weather can be a little iffy and will definitely be much warmer than my body is used to running in during the winter months. Tricky. Also, this race gets bad reviews from folks saying the organization is lacking and/or the course is uninteresting. The plus to an uninteresting course is that it's pancake flat. This is a slightly larger race and it would have more crowd support. I know if I was a spectator, you would have to pay me actual money to stand outside in December in Maryland, but I'd probably be easily bribed with a snack and I'd cheer on runners in Florida.

And then I can relax on the beach afterward, and drive 13 hours home. Bleh.

Rehoboth Marathon (12/7 - 7 weeks away)
This race does not get great reviews (the course was screwy 2 years in a row), but a co-poster on the Runner's World Forums recommended it to me. I've looked into it, and I still don't get warm fuzzies. It doesn't sound like a lot of fun, and there are trail sections that sound like they can slow you down quite a bit.

I'm undecided right now, clearly. I need to pull the trigger because the NCR race tends to sell out in late October/early November, but I'm just not there yet.

Any input? Anyone ever run marathons super close together? 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Race Report: Steamtown Marathon 2013

When we left off, the race was just beginning. It started with a bang, literally, with a cannon shooting off. Pretty epic start to the race.

Mile 1-5 (8:01, 8:12, 8:09, 7:51, 8:41):
This part is really consistently downhill, including a very steep part right at the beginning. I was holding back because it was so steep, a little crowded, plus I was super worried about the hills hurting my legs. I chugged along, just listening to people around me and taking in the sights. This part was mostly through small towns and the roads were annoyingly banked at some points. I think the spectators were just waking up, and they weren't too enthusiastic yet. Took my first Gu at mile 5. Mile 5 is also slow due to an emergency bathroom break.

Mile 6-10 (8:15, 8:24, 8:16, 9:12, 8:01):
I was still clearly terrified about the hills. I took them conservatively and let everyone pass me. My motto at this point was to not feel any discomfort during the first half, because I figured the second half would hurt badly no matter what. I have a healthy fear of the Wall. Second Gu at mile 10. I was taking Gatorade and/or water every couple of miles at this point. The course flattened out around mile 9, but you also run through the city of Carbondale, where I legitimately felt like a celebrity. I swear the whole town came out to cheer us on, and it was a wall of joyful noise. Also, another emergent bathroom break was needed between mile 8 and 9. Not happy about that.

Mile 11-13.1 (8:15, 8:17, 8:09, hit the half at 1:49:10 or so):
Although the course flattened out, it was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and I started to realize how great I felt. I had a tiny pain in my left foot and my right calf was tight, but my stomach calmed down pretty well and I was really, really enjoying the run. Fun fact: my half marathon PR is 1:49:02, so I was pretty concerned I'd have a horrible second half since I was so close to my PR.

Mile 13.1-18 (8:06, 8:12, 8:16, 8:18, 8:13):
I continued to enjoy myself. Marathons are the best! I should do this all the time! The course was still flat/slightly downhill and we went on some trails at this point. They were nice and tightly packed, so it wasn't anymore challenging terrain. Plus, the scenery was amazing. In my training runs I often found myself craving Gu because I was running out of steam, but I actually forgot to take it at 15.

Mile 19-23 (8:28, 8:20, 8:17, 8:21, 8:16):
Yep. Still feeling good. Really nothing to report. These miles are still fairly flat and I remained slightly concerned I would bonk at some point. I was running so much faster than I had thought I would, and I was just really worried it would all come crashing down at some point.

Mile 24-26.2 (8:28, 8:19, 8:16, 6:55 pace for last 0.35):
The last couple miles have the only real uphill of the course. They slowed me down a little bit, but I mostly focused on taking tiny steps and chugging along. People around me were dropping like flies, and I found myself passing quite a few people. As I came into the home stretch, I let myself fly and breezed into the finish. It was amazing.

Final Time: 3:37:58

I saw Nick several times. He brought his bike and saw me around Mile 7, again after mile 8 or so, and then he rode alongside me for about a half mile before mile 21. It was wonderful to see him and get to chat, especially at the end. He is so patient and I was actually nice to him the entire time! Usually I get nasty and mean when I get tired. I'm awesome like that. He said biking on some of the hills that I got to cruise down was pretty challenging, so he got his own workout in for the day. He's the best.

The spectators on the course were intermittently awesome. I think in the early miles they were just waking up, then around Carbondale (mile 8) they were AMAZING. I got goosebumps and teared up, running through that area felt really great. There were pockets of other very enthusiastic cheerers, but also a lot of quiet areas. Considering I was super relaxed and running happy, I was ok with the quiet times.

I have a lot more to say about this race, but I'll leave you all with this picture.

I had my space blanket flowing behind me and Nick told me I looked like a superhero. So I went with it. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pre-Race: Steamtown Marathon 2013

Spoiler alert: I ran way faster than I thought I would. Finish was 3:37:58. I am over the moon happy with that result, but not 100% happy with my race. Let's talk about why.

Saturday morning I woke up and ran 2 quick miles on the treadmill. Kidding, they were super slow, but they were over quickly. Then we made breakfast and I pounded scrambled eggs and home fries before we hit the road. It was about a 4 hour drive to Scranton, and I wanted to get there for a race discussion put on by the race directors, where they talk about the course. Steamtown is downhill for the first 8 miles and the race directors want to make it very clear that if you run the downhills like a free for all, you will kill your legs and the end of the race will be a special kind of hell. Well, we missed the talk, because traffic on Saturdays is a thing, and I ended up snacking on chips, an apple, and sunflower seeds in the car. We didn't have normal anything resembling lunch until about 3pm. We hit up the expo but it wasn't very big (although it was incredibly well run!), so I didn't feel the need to linger too long. We went to Sheetz (yes, it's a gas station, and yes, they make yummy sandwiches). I got cheddar on wheat with a bunch of veggies, and shared fries and a doughnut with Nick. Yes, pre-race meal of champions right there.

We went to our slightly shady hotel, then I decided if we didn't do something for the next 2 hours I'd just obsess over what I wanted to eat and probably start freaking out. Not good. Instead we went to see Gravity. It was VERY good but VERY stressful. Very intense. Then we went to an Indian place for dinner because I like to live on the edge. The edge being that fine line between finding a bathroom before or after I absolutely need it. That's another spoiler right there. I had baigan bhartha, rice and naan. It was pretty good, and it sat well in my stomach, but I guess I should have known better. Then we got candy and ate a bunch before going to bed. I was on track for about 8 hours of sleep (would have been a pre-race record!) but of course had trouble sleeping and woke up a million times during the night. Oh well.

Race morning
Woke up around 5:45, got a quick shower, banana, and eggs. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and headed to the start of the race. It's a point-to-point so it was about a 45 minute drive to the start. I ate some cereal on the way. The drive went flawlessly and we parked easily (we also had the option of taking a bus from the finish to the start). I had some time to mill about and change my mind about my outfit a million times, and then it was time to say goodbye to Nick, get all goose-bumpy during the National Anthem, and hear the cannon start the race... but I'll save that for the next post. Because I have a lot to say about this, clearly.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Packing list for race weekend!

There are tons of people who make good packing lists for races that they'll be traveling to. They're probably all way more experienced than me, but here's my super detailed list. We'll be heading to Pennsylvania in the morning on Saturday (Race Day Eve), so we'll only be away from home for about 30 hours. However, these 30 hours are kind of important.

I realize this definitely falls under "things that are too boring to put on the Internet" but... doing it anyway. Also, runners are not allowed to carry any bags that are not clear (transparent) so all the stuff I need for race day will need to be lugged around by my dearest Nick.

(wear) Comfy clothes for expo
(wear) Comfy shoes for expo

Carb-y snacks (tortilla chips, apple)

Contact stuff

Phone charger
Everything Steamtown has ever sent me
Water bottle to keep refilling

Sunday Part 1
Race accessories:
Garmin charger
Superglue in case Garmin breaks
Bobby pins

Race clothes:
Sports Bra
Long sleeve
Short sleeve
Shoes (I have not decided which shoes...)
Sweatshirt to give to Nick
Pants to give to Nick

Breakfast: banana, eggs, Rice Chex
Gus: 1 pre, 1 for mile 5, 10, 15, 20, and maybe one for luck if I can figure out where on my body to put it (I'm not wearing a hydration belt or anything)

Sunday Part 2
Change of clothes

Protein powder to mix with water, probably more chips

So. As far as race plans go. Assume I'm shooting for a super optimistic 3:45. That's an 8:35 mile. Since I'm much more likely to run a positive split than a negative one, let's assume  I start out at that speed.

Mile 1-5: 8:30ish
I assume I'll run the first 1 or 2 miles a wee bit fast due to excitement and people dodging.

Mile 6-10: 8:35ish
Keep maintaining.

Mile 10-13.1:
 My goal is to hit the halfway point at 1:50, plus or minus 2 minutes. That will give me a nice even split for the first and second half, at the very least, or a slightly positive split if I am a little speedy in the first half.

Mile 13.1-20: please oh please let them be around 8:35
CONSISTENCY. Just keep on trucking. Considering I've done 2 x 20 milers, this shouldn't be a huge stretch mentally or physically *famous last words*

Mile 20-end
Hang on to whoever is near me and make them drag me. A willing police horse would be amazing at this point. Or a bulldozer, assuming the driver is flooring it. Basically, I'm certain most glaciers will be moving faster than me at this point.

Finish time: 3:45 OR DIE.

I post on the Runner's World forums semi-regularly and one of the guys on there was gunning for a 3:45 but started with the 3:35 guys as a pipe dream during a race last weekend. He hung on and was on track for a great, triumphant finish, until mile 18 or so. And then he basically laid down on the course. His legs literally stopped working (and I mean that, literally)

Sooooo anyway. I'm super concerned my body will just completely shut down at mile 2X (or earlier) and I'll have to crawl. The wall is real, guys, and it's not pretty. I am fairly sure I hit it around mile 17 during Richmond last year. Nick and I were chugging along A-OK and then we sorta lost the 4:00 pace group and then I gave up on everything and my body shut down. Granted, we only positive split by about 4 minutes, but that was still not a fun experience. So I'm slightly (read: incredibly) worried that I'll start out too optimistically and then crash and burn. But a girl can dream.

So. That's the plan. Now... we execute. The plan. And anyone who gets in my way

Friday, October 11, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 18

I meant to post this on Monday and get all introspective about the marathon but all of a sudden it's Friday and the marathon's in two days and OMG I'M FREAKING OUT. 

Anyway. Last week was subpar. I was going to run on Sunday but then... Saturday happened. And Sunday was spent running around San Francisco trying to find my purse (no luck, although a random stranger found it and contacted me on Facebook. Thank goodness for technology and nice people.) I figured with all the walking and the fact that my legs were aching from the hills (newsflash: there are hills in San Fran. Ok, this isn't a newsflash to anyone but me, but I was really surprised by how many there are. Everywhere), I could get away with not running. It's taper time! Anything goes! Run or don't run, it doesn't make a smidge of difference, you're still going to suck super bad on the marathon anyway! This is my internal monologue. She's a biatch.

So I took the weekend off. And the beginning of the following week. No prob. My legs recovered from the walking and the hiking and I got in a couple of short but comfortable runs. And now it's Friday. T-2. And it's go time. I'll do a separate post with my mile goals but.... yikes. 18 weeks feels like forever when you're in the thick of it, but at the end it's just... over. And you have to run a race you've built yourself up for 18 weeks over. And if you don't do well, then you've wasted 18 weeks. Of your life. Never getting those back.

I clearly need a hot bath. Or a drink. Or a drink of hot bath water? Or something.

Victories: I ran in the morning before working all day then getting on a plane to San Francisco. Big old gold star for me. 

Failures: That not running for 4 days thing. Yeah.

Monday: bike 25.7@ 17.7
Tuesday: outside 4.2 @ 8:14 (no idea where the speed came from)
Wednesday: bike 18.1 @ 17.6 
Thursday:  tmill, 1 @ 6.1, 3 @ 7.7, 1 @ 6.7 plus c/d. 5.25 total (for a morning run, this was phenomenal)
Saturday: off (hike + wedding)
Sunday: off (lots of San Fran walking!) 

Totals: HA. 9.4 run, 33.8 bike

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 3
Thursday: 4.25 (1 slow, 2 fast, 1 slow)
Friday: off
Saturday: 3 (planned)
Sunday: marathon! (planned)

Totals: 36.4 miles. Running/hobbling. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Totals

Surprisingly, this was not my peak month for the year! In the heat of August I actually ran more miles. Weird. In my defense, this month includes one taper week. Next month will probably be much lower, especially considering the packed schedule Nick and I have coming up (upcoming weekends: wedding, marathon, high school reunion, another wedding, Punkin Chunkin). My legs feel ok. My weird hamstring/knee twanging feeling has not gone away, but luckily it has only gotten a little worse. It is sometimes sore when I wake up in the morning, and I notice a bit of stiffness/soreness throughout the day, almost every day. It feels worst when I first start out running, but goes away after a few minutes of warming up. So who knows. I wish it would just go away, but overall I'm not terribly concerned right now, as long as it's not causing me much pain. Cross your fingers I can live 10 more days like this.

Also, I'm at 908 miles for the year! I am so proud of myself. My arbitrary goal of 1000 miles seemed unreachable during the early slowpoke months this year, but it looks like I'll be pulling it off after all. I realize that's I just committed to EVER running again after this marathon, but I'm pretty confident my spirit won't be completely broken by the race. But you never know.

Here's the breakdown.

September 1: treadmill, 16.3 in 2:28 (right around 9:03 pace)
September 2: HIIT
September 3: 6.1 @ 8:39
September 4: bike 22.5 miles @ 17.7
September 5: 1 @ 6, 4 @7.7 then a couple ladders @ 5-8. 7.3 total in 1:03
September 6: 6.2 @ 8:52
September 7: off
September 8: Parks Half Marathon: 13.1, 1:50:30, plus 1 mile cooldown. 14.1 total
September 9: off.
September 10: treadmill 3.5 @ 6.7, 3 @ 6.8, last 0.5 @ 6.9 plus cooldown. 7.25 total in 1:05
September 11: bike 15.6 @ 16.8 
September 12: treadmill 1 @ 6.01, 5.6 @ 7.6, 0.9 @ 6.6 plus cooldown. Total 7.75 in 1:05
September 13: 5.5 @ 8:17
September 14: off
September 15: 13 miles @ 9:38
September 16: HIIT

September 17: 7.2 @ 8:20
September 18: bike 26.6 @ 16.6
September 19: treadmill 1 @ 6.01, 2.6 @ 7.6, 2.75@ 7.7, 0.9 @ 6.6 plus cooldown. Total 7.6
September 20: 3.25 @ 7.0 plus cooldown. 3.5 total
September 21: 3.11 in 22:50 (woo PR!) plus 0.7 cooldown. 3.8 total
September 22: off
September 23:  20  @ 9:01 BOOYAH
September 24: treadmill 4.35.
September 25: bike 14.8 @ 17.5
September 26: off
September 27: 1 @ 6.1, 4 x (1.05 @ 8.2 / 0.5 @ 5.1),  then another interval of 0.1 slow 0.2 fast, and 1 mile cooldown. 7.75 total
September 28: 4.1 outside @ 8:19
September 29: treadmill (I'm a weenie) 10.25 in 1:31 (8:52 pace)
September 30: bike 25.7 @ 17.7

September totals: 152 miles, 105 miles biking, 2 HIIT