Monday, September 30, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 17

2 weeks to go. It's getting real, yo.

I hate to be stereotypical runner and say "omg, tapering is hard, my legs feel so heavy! I'm sluggish!" but, omg, tapering is lame. I feel sluggish as hell. Part of it is I'm a crazy endorphin addict, and a 4 miler just doesn't do it for me anymore. After 4 miles I'm just hitting my stride. I don't mean that in a bragging way, I wish I could get a normal high from 4 medium-paced miles. I am slightly worried I don't enjoy moderate exercise anymore. It needs to be immoderate or gfto. Not healthy. Also, some of my GI symptoms are best managed when I'm running more. And my restless legs don't bother me nearly as much when I'm running higher mileage. Basically, I am sleeping and digesting very poorly right now and it's making me testy.

One positive is that I feel like I have tons of free time. If I want to skip cross training, I can, without feeling like I'm missing an opportunity to increase my fitness. On Thursday we got to hang out with my coworkers for my boss's birthday, then we went house hunting (sorta), and it pushed my run to a 7 pm start time. That wasn't happening, so I just pushed it to Friday. Random day off = I feel discombobulated, but it worked out.

Victories: I'm tapering! I have so much time!
Failures: I 'm tapering! I feel like a slug.

Monday: (included on last week because I delayed my 
Tuesday: treadmill 4.1 plus c/d. My legs were not happy. 4.35 total
Wednesday: bike 14.8 @ 17.5 (short but quick!)
Thursday: off, we went house hunting instead!
Friday: 1 @ 6.1, 4 x (1.05 @ 8.2 / 0.5 @ 5.1),  then another interval of 0.1 slow 0.2 fast, and 1 mile cooldown. 7.75 total
Saturday: 4.1 outside @ 8:19
Sunday: treadmill (I'm a weenie) 10.25 in 1:31 (8:52 pace)

Totals: 26.4 miles running, 14.8 biking

Sunday's "long run" probably should have been closer to 15 miles but I put it off all day and then it was dinnertime and I couldn't run through dinner, now could I? I seriously am the laziest person on the planet. Anyway. I ran on the treadmill with a goal of getting in as many miles as I could before it was time for dinner. That ended up being 10, which was pretty perfect. I did them very slightly faster because I knew I wasn't running as long. It felt pretty comfortable. 

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