Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Steamtown Training week 16

3 weeks! 19 days! It's taper time! I could not be happier/more scared about this. 

Tuesday's run was all sweetness and joy. I felt like I was flying. That was big news early in the week, but the biggest news was my super exciting new 5K PR from Saturday!

Here's a quickie race report. Nick and I stayed up until almost midnight the night before the race, and cider was consumed. After too few hours of sleep, I woke up grouchy and had some mild stomach pains, but the 5K was happening no matter my emotional state. We headed down to the race. This was a tiny, local race with, I'm guessing, ~100 participants. I lined up near the front and joked with a guy near me about how everyone should just stay behind me the whole race. I was mildly surprised when my high school cross country coach said something along the lines of "she'll definitely be toward the front," implying I don't totally suck at running. I was incredibly flattered.

Per usual, I decided that I should run the first mile at a pace that's completely unrealistic. Nick ran with me, and the first split was 6:53. Yikes. We were hanging in there with the leaders (all male). We got to the turnaround, which included a little uphill, and then onward to mile 2 in 7:35. At turnaround I got to see that the next woman was about 100 yards behind me. That was motivation to not lay down and die right there on the course. The last full mile was 7:43 (consistency!), and then 7:30 for the last 0.12. I didn't have much sprint left in me. I kept asking Nick to check for the 2nd place woman and he sweetly checked for her, while reminding me that just because I was in 1st didn't mean I should walk. I had visions of piggyback rides across the finish line. We finished in 22:50. Pretty awesome.
I look like I'm being dragged down by the starfish "medal"

Yay! Prizes.

I won a super lucrative contract with Mizuno. Kidding! I got dinner for 4 at Potbelly Sandwich Works. Also, tickets to a local museum and a boat ride! Neat! The highlight was the glittery starfish medal, which shed its glitter all over my body and car. Nick and I did a little cooldown jog while waiting 1.5 hours for the awards ceremony. Luckily they had a nice selection of baked goods that I sampled while we waited.

Victories: 5K PR WOOOOO. Oh and a 20 miler. In 3 hours. No big deal.
Failures: Delaying long run a day, but that probably benefitted me more that anything.

Monday: HIIT
Tuesday: 7.2 @ 8:20 and felt like I was running on air. 70 degrees and low humidity, never change.
Wednesday: bike 26.6 @ 16.6
Thursday: treadmill 1 @ 6.01, 2.6 @ 7.6, 2.75@ 7.7, 0.9 @ 6.6 plus cooldown. Total 7.6
Friday: 3.25 @ 7.0 plus cooldown. 3.5 total
Saturday: 3.11 in 22:50 (woo PR!) plus 0.7 cooldown
Sunday: off
Monday: 20 miles in 3:00:24. Bam.

Totals:  42.1 miles running,  26.6 biking

Long run details: I didn't make my long run on Sunday because of a rough Saturday night and the intense desire to lay on the couch all day. On the plus side, Nick and I made some major progress on watching West Wing. I love that show. Monday I had the run hanging over my head all day. I needed to get this last long run in. It was non-negotiable. The last thing standing between me and taper. My eats for the day were fairly standard: banana, apple, eggs, cereal, farro stuff and veggies at lunch. I also had nuts and a KIND bar in the late afternoon because my stomach was grumbling.

I set out on the run with a horrible attitude. It was already 4:30pm and there was a ton of traffic on the road and cars irritate me (I didn't want to drive to the trail because it's ~25 minutes away and every second counts when you're starting so late in the afternoon). Also, apparently it's that magical time of year when squirrels insist on committing suicide. I must have seen a dozen squirrels over the course of my run. Sad, cute little guys. The first several miles were a mental battle of epic proportions. I was feeling every little twinge in my legs and my stomach was unsettled. I listened to This American Life and chugged along though, trying to settle into an even pace. It worked. I ended 20 miles in 3:00:24, which is a speedy 9:01 pace. In comparison, my Richmond marathon pace last year was 9:17/mile and I did slightly less than 19 miles as my last long run last year at a 10:05 pace, and the run before that at 9:59. I am pretty happy. 

I drank Gatorade every 2 miles, plus a gel at mile 6ish and 11ish. It probably wouldn't have hurt to have another one in the last 9 miles, but I wasn't feeling it. I started to get hungry for real food. I got home, collapsed on the floor, and drank a protein shake, then tried to get calories into my body in the short time I had before bed. I was moderately successful (salad, chili, and pear cobbler were consumed). 

And now, taper crazies begin!

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