Monday, September 16, 2013

Steamtown Training week 15

4 weeks to go. This week was originally labelled a stepback week on my pre-made schedule, but I didn't see that as beneficial since I'll have 3 stepback weeks in a row soon when taper starts. I'd rather get a little more quality under my belt before it's go time. 

I wrote those first sentences before my long run. I had this grand plan to run a strong 20 miles after a good week of speedwork, and then.. nope. I will blame it 80% on my stomach (frozen yogurt is where it's at! ..if you like reflux), and 20% on my head. I started off pretty strong (8:45ish, not too fast, not too slow) and knocked out the first 4 or 5 miles pretty well. Then I started feeling increasingly gross. I slowed down. Then I felt grosser. I slowed down more, and turned back toward the car (maybe I will be able to waddle my way back, 13 miles is no joke, blah blah blah). Finally, grossness turned to intense stomach cramps and dry heaving and a very urgent potty break. I was about 6 miles from the car and started a killer run/walk pattern. I was still averaging ~10 min/mile with the run/walk, so now I totally get why people Gallowalk. My stomach calmed down and the last 3 miles I managed to run/walk in half mile segments instead of 0.1 mile segments. I almost thought about doing 7 more miles after I got back to the car that way, but I realized I didn't think I'd be proud of that performance, so I gave up.

Gave up. Again. I know stomach problems are legit, but the amount of giving up I do is just stupid. I cried for a while (crying, sweaty runner on a public trail at 4pm) at the prospect of giving up during Steamtown. My brain sucks, and I don't know why. Now, I have legitimately never liked long runs, but these lately have been unusually sucky. I like running long races, but long runs play with my mind and even more so when I have a speed goal. I need to #getoutofmydamnhead and just #dothework and every other stupid platitude that Pinterest has turned into a dramatic motivational poster. I need more motivational posters in my life!

Victories: I did the speedwork that almost killed me last week. And it felt great!

Failures: My stomach rebelled and made my long run impossible. I make the worst decisions sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean all the damn time. 

Monday: off, working swing shift and recovering a little from the half
Tuesday: 3.5 @ 6.7, 3 @ 6.8, last 0.5 @ 6.9 plus cooldown. 7.25 total in 1:05
Wednesday: lots of lifting and trimming and walking during United Way Day of Caring, then 15.6 miles biking @ 16.8

Look at the little lizard Nick found. He stayed perfectly still on my glove.

Thursday: treadmill 1 @ 6.01, 5.6 @ 7.6, 0.9 @ 6.6 plus cooldown. Total 7.75 in 1:05
Friday:  5.5
Saturday: off
Sunday: 13 @ shut up, stomach, I'm trying to run here

Totals:  33.5 miles running,  16.8 biking

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