Monday, September 9, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 14

5 weeks to go! More freaking out! Ah! This week was a wee bit less mileage because I didn't do the 20 miler that was on the schedule for the week, but instead ran the Parks Half Marathon. I'll be compensating by not taking a stepback week this upcoming week, and really hitting it hard and well these last couple weeks before taper. 

Victories: Umm.. the half went pretty well. I'm happy with it. I'll write a whole post about that. Definitely gave me some perspective and a better understanding of what my goals should be for the marathon. More to come.

Failures: This was the first week a speed workout didn't go well for me. My stomach was upset. I'm blaming the lure of half-price whey protein bars. Whey makes my stomach go haywire, I know this, but $0.85 bars were too good to pass up. I'm cheap. And stupid. I also thought, what the hell, I should totally run these 5 tempo miles a little faster, like 12 seconds per mile faster, than I have in the past. THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY GO WELL. It didn't. I made it to 4 miles then had to bail. My stomach was feeling terrible and it was just too hard of a run for me. I finished off the distance (a little over 7 miles) but did so with little speed ladders instead. That was humbling. The next day, I had an easy 6 miler outside that ended up feeling like death. Again. 

Monday: HIIT that left my entire legs and abs sore. Plus scratching my horrible poison ivy night and day. It's a real workout for my fingernails.
Tuesday: 6.1 @ 8:39
Wednesday: Bike 22.5 mi @ 17.7- new route with Nick with some obnoxious wind and killer hills
Thursday: treadmill @ 6, 4 @7.7 then a couple ladders 5-8. 7.3 total in 1:03. 
Friday: 6.2 @ 8:52. Not my best work. 
Saturday: off
Sunday: Parks half marathon: 1:50:30, plus 1 mile cooldown jog - 14.2 @ 8:33 total

Totals: 34 miles running, 22.5 biking, 1 HIIT

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