Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Steamtown training Week 13

6 weeks to go! 3 weeks of training then taper (39 days as of the day of this post... eek)! It's weird because, yes, I've run marathons before, but still the idea is daunting. It's such a unique physical challenge. I do it once a year! Maybe if I ran them all the time I wouldn't get so spun up about it, but here I am, already freaking out.

Tuesday's run was the worst I've felt during a run in ages. The first 2 miles, I fought nausea. I finally gave in and stopped for a few seconds to dry heave alongside the road. The roadside assisted in the pukey feeling by smelling like dead fish. Thanks, roadside! I do not live close enough to the water for that to make sense. Anyways, I dragged myself through the run. I promised myself I wouldn't walk but I shuffled through miles 5 through 7 at a >9 min pace. In retrospect, it was super humid and gross

Victories: Speedwork was lengthened slightly (this was my first time doing 4 x 1 mile repeats instead of 3) and it was easy breezy.
Failures: Long run was done on the treadmill for no reason other than convenience/avoiding humidity. I don't see it as a failure, but I know for some people it's a cop out. I finished feeling fresh and happy, which is a nice change from last week's run.

Monday: Yardwork. Bug bites and frustration.
Tuesday: 7 miles outside @ 8:58. Additional bug bites and frustration
Wednesday: I broke the bikes, so did HIIT and strength instead. 
Thursday: treadmill - 1 @ 6 then 4 x (1 @ 8.1, 0.5 @ 5) plus cooldown. 7.3 in 1:04
Friday: 7.1 outside @ 8:36
Saturday: off
Sunday: 16.3 on the treadmill in 2:28. ~9:03 pace. I bumped up the speed for the last 0.1 of every other mile, and the incline the last 0.1 of every other mile.

Totals:  37.7 miles running, 1 HIIT

Long run minutiae: This felt like a cheating on the long run, since I did it on the treadmill. I watched the Katy Perry documentary (don't judge) and then Bully (I don't usually cry during the last quarter of my long run... oh wait, yes I do, but usually for a different reason). I had been relaxing and lazing about most of the day (eggs and toast for breakfast, date balls and kale chips during the early afternoon), and was finally motivated to run because we were going to dinner with my folks. I drank a whole bottle of Gatorade and most of a bottle of water, plus Gu at 5, 10 and 13.5. This run gets an A+ from me.

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