Thursday, September 5, 2013

My latest good decisions

2 weeks ago, I broke my phone. I dropped when a fit of running frustrating coincided with excessive hand sweat. The screen cracked and although it still works, for now, it's a mess. Last week's awesomeness included:

Poison ivy everywhere.
...the following Wednesday. WHY IS IT GETTING WORSE. These are the least gross pictures I can take, on the inside of my wrist. I also have it on the front and back of both legs, my chest (sweat allowed the oil to get through my shirt?!), and my neck (no idea). Also possibly my ear. Wtf, poison ivy?!

As if that wasn't enough, I also drove into the garage with the bikes still on the top of my car. 
Above driver side passenger door

Above Driver's door

Mangled Thule bike rack

We are lucky that this is all the damage that was done. Our normal Wednesday bike ride was cancelled due to rain so Nick and I just went home, and because it was all weird and off-normal, I completely forgot about the bikes on the car and drove into the garage. When I first heard the noise, it took a few seconds to click and for me to realize what I'd done, and then the freaking out happened. Very, very luckily, the bikes were just fine. We got away with just Nick's handlebars being knocked out of alignment and the clear coat on my front fork getting scuffed. Other than that, they're good. It could have been so much worse. I haven't decided if I'm going to try and get the car looked at, it doesn't hurt to get an estimate but it would be nice to say "I ran into the garage and only needed a $70 bike rack piece" instead of dealing with insurance. 

Cross your fingers I can stop screwing up and breaking things for a little while. My stress levels could use a rest.

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