Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Steamtown Training week 9

10 weeks to go! Nick and I finally made it back to the pool for a swim this week. We talked about swimming with wedding rings and it made me realize it's been forever (January!) since we last swam. I was actually worried my card wouldn't work to get us in. Technology may have advanced in the last 6 months. Swimming was was hard, but felt great. I love swimming! It has definitely fallen by the wayside in the midst of all the other activities I'm trying to do. Frustrating. How do people training for triathlons do it (I know, they shift their priorities and make it happen. but how do they even carry all the stuff they need for all the sports?! I would always forget something. I'm baffled).

After doing mile repeats on Thursday, a race on Friday, and drinking beer/standing way too much on Saturday, I was not feeling 100% on Sunday. My left hip and lower back were uncomfortable, my sleep schedule was all screwy, and I really just wanted a day with Nick, some cooking, and the couch. Mission accomplished. Mission not accomplished- long run at the proper time.

I did the long run Monday night after work, which happens to be the time of my last horribly unsuccessful long run a few weeks ago. Luckily, this one was not so terrible. Did I slow down to almost a 10 min/mile toward the end? Yes. Did I lose my stupid expensive Yurbuds headphone cover when my phone crapped out with 4 miles to go and I tried to run while shoving my headphones into my water carrier pocket? Sure did. Did I still finish >16 miles (I added an extra 0.5 on the end because it made me feel accomplished)? Yes. Although I didn't feel super great, I did it, and I am happy. My official training schedule had me at 20 miles for the long run this week, but since I'm semi-disregarding that I'll still put it in the W column.

Victories: the return of swimming! And I ran outside for all my runs except speedwork!
Failures: Too fast at the 15k. Delayed long run (is that a failure? I still did it.)

Monday: Swimming! 1700ish m in 32ish minutes (I cannot count...)
Tuesday: 4.3 outside with Nick, 8:13 pace, followed by a realization that this was marathon pace and felt fast. I really hope these next 10 weeks help this pace feel less terrible.
Wednesday: 21 miles biking @ 17 mph
Thursday:  treadmill- w/u 1 @ 6.0, 3x (1.05 @ 8.1-8.2, 0.5 @ 5.0) 1.0 @ 6.6 then cooldown. 6.25 in 55
Friday: Baltimore Back on my Feet Sneaks Come Out at Night 15k - 9.3 miles in 1:17, 8:17 pace
Saturday: off
Sunday: off (oops)
Monday: 16.5 in 2:27, 8:57 pace

Totals: 1700 m swimming, 21 miles biking, 36.4 miles running


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