Monday, August 19, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 11

8 weeks. 8. This was another stepback week, although it feel like I just had one. Not complaining! With so few weeks to go I've sort of started thinking about things like race logistics and what I'm going to wear, eat, and drink. I've had a successful run (ha) with a combination of Honey Stingers, Gu and Gatorade, and if I drink electrolytes/sugar every 2 miles, I am good with Gu/Honey every 5 miles. 

Also, it's time to really, really think about pace. I think (hope) I'll be able to gauge this a bit better after my upcoming half (Parks Half Marathon, which is a lovely race- and Nick will be running too!). Since I'll be running that race on heavy legs, if I can pull out something slightly faster than my last half (1:49:02, 8:26 pace), I'll be super happy. If the weather or my stomach or whatever don't cooperate, and I end up going slower, then... whatever. I don't want to race race it, I want to.. you know.. go fast, but not too fast? I want to know that my May half wasn't a fluke. I also plan on running a bunch of cooldown miles after the race so I can get in mileage for the day (I think the schedule has me at 18 for that day, so... 5 more miles after a half? That's reasonable. Not.). I suppose I could actually try and race it and get a better guesstimate of what time I might expect in October, but I also don't want to trash my legs for the week that follows. Except it's a stepback week, so that actually might be perfect. 

I just typed a lot and came to zero conclusions. Thanks for hanging in there, readers.

Victories: Stepback week! perfect weather! Ran outside for 3 out of 4 runs due to the nice weather.

Failures: Gluten. Dairy. Wine. My birthday was Friday and I managed to gain 10 pounds between Friday afternoon and Sunday. TEN POUNDS. I ate bread and pizza and the BEST tzatziki I have ever had and then more bread. And pizza leftovers. And.. yeah. 10 pounds. I know it's not real weight, but it feels like real weight, and it made Sunday's run feel gross. Nick came with me (yay!) and before the run I was dreading it like it was a legitimate long run instead of a leisurely 7 miles with my husband. It ended up being just fine, but the bloat discomfort is real. It feels like I need to re-learn this lesson pretty much every week. I need to not be such a doofus.

Monday: HIIT with Nick

Tuesday: 7 outside @ 8:33 with Nick... kind of warm out, felt fast.
Wednesday: 20.2 miles biking @ 17.4
Thursday:  7.1 outside @ 8:18. felt fast but not terrible- great weather!
Friday: treadmill 7.2 @ 6.6 plus cooldown, 7.45 total in 1:07
Saturday: off
Sunday: 7.3 @ 8:48

Totals: 28.6 miles running, 20 miles biking, 1 HIIT

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