Monday, August 12, 2013

Steamtown training Week 10

9 weeks to go! That means 6 real weeks of training and then taper. Yikes. Can I get some virtual high fives for how consistent I've been with training? Please? Having a schedule on the fridge for me to check off warms my heart. It might make me a 12 year old, but I enjoy crossing things off. It makes me feel accomplished.

But with great(ish) consistency, comes great fatigue. I truly don't understand how people run more than I am running now. I know it makes a difference if you are running sub 8 minute miles, because having a 7 mile run take less than an hour vs. an hour-plus just means runs are over more quickly. I find that getting home from work around 4:30, getting out the door by 5, being done ~6:15, stretch/abs, shower, dinner, dinner cleanup, pack lunches and suddenly, it's time for bed. My floors are in desperate need of a deep clean. The only thing I'm really good about is laundry, both because we'll run out of clean clothing, and because if my workout clothes linger too long they smell horrendous. I'm lovely.

Victories: morning run! And a nice, consistent long run pace. Highest mileage week I've ever run. Long run done on the roads instead of the wussy rail trail.
Failures: Umm. Can I say nothing? I overindulged a bit on Friday night, and that meant Saturday was a weird day of eating. I was worried it would screw up my long run, but it didn't.
Sexy Metro picture. Because Nick looks like he's enjoying life and I look like I'm in an ad for cheap, squinty perfume.

Monday: (included on last week as last week's long run)
Tuesday: 6.2 outside with Nick, 8:53 pace- still felt heavy legged from the long run... 
Wednesday: bike 26.6 @ 17 mph 
Thursday:  tempo- 1 @ 6.0, 5.2 @ 7.6, 1 @ 6.6 plus c/d. 7.45 total
Friday: 3 @ 6.5, 3 @ 6.6 plus c/d. 6.3 (morning run minutiae- the morning of this run I slammed a banana and took water down with me to the treadmill. Prior to the run I couldn't remember if I had eaten before previous morning runs. isn't this why I have a blog? Why don't I actually write these things down?)
Saturday: off
Sunday: 17 miles @ 8:48 - slowest mile 9:05, fastest 8:32! Woo!

Totals: 37 miles running, 26.6 miles biking, 4 hours standing in heels

Long run minutiae: had way too much Greek food, including about 75 falafel, real, fluffy bread and cheese on Saturday night. I was worried it would ruin my stomach for Sunday, and it did, but postponing the run until evening got the worst part out of the way. Sunday morning had banana, eggs, pumpkin muffin and coffee around 11am. Then 4 date balls dipped in peanut butter (I was hungry... no judging) in the mid afternoon. Tons of water throughout the day. During the run I drank a bottle of Gatorade and had a Gu at 5, 10, and 14 miles. Weather was warm but bearable. Thought I was going to get killed 2x, once by a motorcyclist who drove directly toward me on the median, and a second time by a dude who I swear was stalking me in a neighborhood. 

Roadkill count: 4, and one 100 m stretch of really disturbing smell but no visible dead things
Honks: 3, 2 were friendly(?) and one was creepy
Other runners/bikers: 0. Not even a dog walker. Our neighborhood is weird. 

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