Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marathon nightmares

I'm a vivid dreamer. I have incredibly detailed, drawn-out dreams. I attribute this at least partly to waking up multiple times a night, remembering a snippet of a dream, then jumping back into the dream and elaborating on it.

Monday night was my first marathon dream.
This is my training schedule. I get to cross things off. It completes me.

In the dream, Nick and I were running Steamtown together (we're not) and we were in town the night before, trying to find somewhere to eat. For some reason, everything was closed. We ended up finding somewhere that had huge egg rolls, and I had 2 for dinner. I was distressed about my lack of carb loading.

Then the day of the race came, and in my dream I was freaking out. Of course Dream Me has anxiety issues. Dream Me is like normal me, but she makes poor(er) choices. For example, one time Dream Me was caring for a baby and left it in a drawer and then forgot about it. For days! Another time I left my dream child on the bed and walked away, only to come back and find the baby on the floor. Dream Me is the worst mom ever.

That was a tangent... sooo race day. Nick and I line up. In my dream, Steamtown is a teeny race and we're lined up at the very front of the pack. We take off, and there's obstacles and we're running on dirt (the actual race does have a trail segment, but I hear it's not too technical). Then, we have to climb a ridiculous tree to get to the next part of the trail. Like a video game, sort of. I blame that part of the dream on watching Wreck It Ralph recently (adorable movie). He has to climb a candy tree at one point. Apparently that part stuck with me.
(source - ps Sarah Silverman should voice every animated little girl. So good.)

The course was ridiculously difficult, and I remember thinking "there's no way this is a net downhill course! there's no way I can maintain this pace the rest of the way!" Dream Me is super worried about her splits. Nick and I got lost and there was more stress and I woke up feeling terrible. 

And so it begins. I reallllly hope this doesn't keep going for the next 6.5 weeks or else I'll be a miserable ball of nerves by October 13... 

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