Friday, August 23, 2013

CSA Week 11

Mid-summer veggies are pretty repetitive. I am not complaining, because I adore tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. I really do. They just don't make for exciting blog posts or inspired cooking. This (last) week we received:

Small cucumbers
2 bell peppers
a ton of roma tomatoes plus a couple huge heirloom ones
2 enormous eggplants (can we talk about how pretty these are? One is all white. I love pretty vegetables)

In the spirit of consistency, I'll do the normal run-down of what we did with all these, but spoiler alert: there was much sauteeing. 

Sliced and taken to a party, but then we brought home the extras. Eaten with bean dip during the week.

Fritatta. Again! It was a hit with us last week, so we redid it this week.

2 bell peppers
Also taken to party and brought home when we had extras. Standard bell peppers.

Standard garlic usage.

Roma tomatoes plus a couple huge heirloom ones
Nick turned these into a nice marinara. Yum.

2 enormous eggplant
One was grilled, the other was sauteed with onion and sesame ginger marinade. Delicious. These bigger eggplant require peeling though, because the skin is on the tough side.

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