Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Steamtown week 4

Subtitle: Summer running, had me a blast. Summer running, happened so... slow.

Victories: I switched Friday's run to Tuesday and did not die. 
Failures: The amount of things I can do in a day is limited. "needing to run" is starting to wear on me. The long run sucked majorly.

Monday: HIIT 30some mins. Then I fell epically off a stepstool and tore up my shin. Owie.
Tuesday: 3.28 outside with Nick, 8:14 pace!
Wednesday: bike 26.7 miles, 1:32 (17.3 mph)
Thursday: tempo- 1.0@6.0, 4.1@7.5, 1.1@6.5 then cooldown. 6.45 in 56:00 (I died)
Friday: treadmill 5.0 @ 6.5 plus cooldown. 5.25 in 49
Saturday: off
Sunday:  16.0 in 2:33:22 (9:35 pace)

Total: 30.98 (weekly distance record for the year!) miles running, 26.7 miles biking, one HIIT

The long run deserves some discussion. I had planned on starting at 0600, but didn't get home until late the night before since we were at a show in DC (Ira Glass from This American Life- so, so good!). When my alarm went off, I saw it was overcast, checked the weather for the day and saw the high was around 80, and decided to wait. If I had to run when it was a little hotter, so be it. I had a banana, Gu with caffeine, and some water before starting.It was almost 80 when we got going at about 8:40. Nick joined me for the first 6ish miles which was great! Less great was that the humidity was through the roof and the air felt soupy. Hooray, summer. When Nick left at mile 6, I got slightly worried about the last 10 miles ahead of me. 100 minutes. Over 1.5 hours. I did not feel great at that point, due to the humidity, tiredness, and a bad attitude. I told myself I'd slog it out and do my best but gave myself permission to walk if I needed to. And I needed to. (drank straight water every 2 miles, Gu every 5)

I made it to a little under 13 miles before my first walk break. I made them infrequent, but my pace still dropped. Oh well. Judging from the amount of water I needed when I got home, I was probably super dehydrated. Running will be the death of me.

Up to this point I've been 100% true to the schedule, but this week I had to deviate a little. And it was ok. I deviated because sometimes, during an 18 week training cycle, there will be other things happening. And although I am making running a priority, it will occasionally take a backseat to other things. I need to not have that be super scary. I ran 2 marathons without as much preparation as I have had now, at 4 weeks in! Granted, I want to do significantly better for this marathon, so my training needs to be higher quality, but being 100% every single second is not possible. This is my second post in a week about accepting imperfection in myself. Maaaaaybe I need to loosen up a little. 

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